Books shape the personality of human beings. The pen is mightier than a sword, and these top authors have proved it. Their books are a source of inspiration for the youth. If you haven’t read them, then grab your copies today!

Eddyee Siingh

Eddyee Siingh, an ardent and zealous entrepreneur, an excellent Mind coach, motivational speaker and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner has embarked on the journey to pen down his thoughts and bring his stories to the world. Eddyee is also an eminent hypnotherapist. He has assisted many people in finding latent potential in them and regaining command over uncertain and fragmented areas of life. His efficiency and effectiveness has helped numerous people turn back to life with full vigor and spirit. His set of dexterity and deftness doesn’t end here. On top of all these, he is an avid racer who has won many national championships. He has also made invaluable and lucrative contributions to the Motorsports industry in India by organizing, executing and promoting numerous Motorsports Events across the country. His team is best known for the passion they have for the sport in addition to having hands on experience in delivering excellence throughout. Eddyee is very passionate about bringing change to the society and upliftment of people.

He puts his heart and soul into everything possible to support people in accomplishment of their goals and turning their dreams into reality. Eddyee helps the people by bringing brain and heart together in such a manner that leads to fulfilment of both their desires as well as intent.

Dr. Amit Punjabi

Dr. Amit Punjabi is a Behavioural expert, Strategy Consultant, Performance Coach & the Author of the best sellers Pursuit: The journey of an entrepreneur & Build the home team, which he co-authored with his wife Kiahra. Kiahra won the “best author in family development ” award for the best seller at a summit held for top women achievers and the book was listed as one of the “Top 10 Pre-eminent books to read in 2020” by the Demode magazine.

Dr. Amit Punjabi has been in the field of Behavioural coaching & consulting for 15+ years now and is also the founder of Sankalp Academy. He has authored several articles in leading publications like YourStory, Entrepreneur Magazine & The CEO Magazine. His success story has been covered by various media houses like AsiaBiz today & Door Darshan (DD Chandana). Apart from media publications, his story has also been covered in multiple books. His professional journey was most recently covered in the bestselling book “why choose the chosen ways & what happens when you don’t” by Sakshi Gupta.

In 2018, he received an award for “Best in Human Excellence Development” at the Top 50 emerging icons national summit. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer. He was conferred with a doctorate by the Common Wealth University for his contributions in the field of Behavioural Sciences & is presently pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Psychology specialising in Cognitive Studies.

Padmaja Bharti

Padmaja Bharti is the bestselling author of world famous books like Rhime of Time (poetry), Wondering of Indian International Ethics (non-fiction), and Ethical Economics from history to the modern world. She is a NIFT, Kolkata graduate who loves fashion designing. She is a well-known entrepreneur with upcoming brands like Turnhournews, and Seven Aroma Oil. Her passion for paintings and music is apparent from her artistically created paintings, and trained classical singer’s voice. Padmaja’s journey from a 13 year old girl who loved to ask questions, to the lady who has all the answers is really an inspiration for all.

Neelam Saxena Chandra

Being able to write in different genre and still possessing the quality of connecting to readers is something that very few authors are blessed with. Neelam Saxena Chandra is one such writer with a difference.

Neelam Saxena Chandra, has authored 5 novels, 1 novella and 8 short story collections, 34 poetry collections and 14 children’s books. She is a bilingual author, writing in English as well as Hindi. She holds a record with the Limca Book of Records, 2015 for being the Author having the highest number of publications in a year in English and Hindi. She has won several international and national awards. She was listed in Forbes as one of the most popular 78 authors in 2014.

Neelam informed us that “Splinters of a broken Mirror”, was penned during Lockdown times last year when the world was splitting into millions of broken mirrors. As you turn the pages of this book, you will realise that she is necessarily doing an inward journey where different emotions are crossing her mind and she’s inking these thoughts as poems. As you might feel, she has never lost hope completely. Light has always radiated in those million splinters of broken mirrors. The book was on the best-sellers list at no. 1 on Amazon within a week of release.


Mrityunjay is the author of a narrative poem book, “Memorable Memoir.  Recently, his book was featured in “The Print India” under the title “8 books that should be on every reading list in 2021”.

He belongs to Muria, Bihar. He had done his Mechanical Engineering from KIIT University, Orissa. There he developed his interests in story-writing and film-making. Two of his short films got recognized in National Film Festivals. After completing his engineering, he wrote a narrative poem book where the story got woven into poetry. Later, the book started getting a wonderful response from the readers. And, he got Cherry Book Award and Author Pages award for his book under the poem category. He believes that story didn’t create an impact, storytelling does. That’s why he is more into experimenting with different storytelling ideas to engage his readers. Currently, he is working on his next book which will come soon.

Coming to his personal life, he says that he is grateful that being from a small village also, his parents understand his passion and allowed him to continue it. He says that his nephew Adyant Priyadarsh’s smiles makes him motivated to continue writing after facing a lot of setbacks in self-publishing. That’s all about him.

Arundhati Sahoo

Arundhati, an alumnus of NITIE, Mumbai, is a supply chain manager in the FMCG sector, who started writing at a young age. Hailing from the small town of Puri, she blends culture and nature in her writings along with a perspective from the third eye.

She has written on topics of women empowerment, gender bias, inclusivity to tales of child labour, discrimination among the religions and class divide on the basis of economic parity.
Her poetry “The liberating fetters” talks about the complications that we enter into while entering into our adulthood and how our innocence takes a back seat in a gradual manner.

Contrary to this she takes a bold stand with bolder language in “Identity”, her debut novel on bias against queer community and prostitution as a sector, while reflecting on thoughts of belonging-ness as a whole.

Her writings instigate empathy, leaving you with a food for thought. She recently started blogging at

Charu Vashishtha

Charu is an IITian, a siftware professional, an award winning blogger and author of Amazon bestseller ‘The Lady in the Mirror’, which is a book of short stories about the journey of self-discovery. Many times, we become so busy “Living”, that we forget what we truly are and how we should live. We also become increasingly reluctant to recognise and accept what we are, in a quest to become someone else. These stories bring home the point that the greatest love is self-love and it is only when we truly love and accept ourself, that we can actually love and cherish the world around. The stories are relevant to modern times and are relatable to people of all age groups. In this fast and busy world, these short stories provide a fresh breeze which takes a moment to be relished.

Charu is a mother if two and lives with her husband, children and in laws at Gurgaon.

Pratik Bharat Palor

Pratik Bharat Palor is a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant and a National Seventh Rank holder Company Secretary. He has thirteen years of experience as a finance professional in the corporate world. But, that doesn’t make him leave his Hindi roots behind. He has published eight books so far, of which six are in Hindi. He is known to be a perfectionist both as a writer and as a reviewer of books. He is a proud father of two charming young daughters, Shree & Vallari. He is also a hard core nationalist and a Marwadi at heart. He is actively engaged in creative presentations, along with his wife & daughters, to share through his facebook and youtube profiles. He calls himself “Sanskriti Ka Lekhak”. So far, he has penned and published nine books, in different genres:

      – Pighlaa Darpan ~ Hindi Poetry
      – Do Poornank ~ Hindi Short Stories
      – Teen Thahake ~ Hindi Short Plays
      – B+ve Satat Prerna ~ Bilingual Positive Quotes
      – Ramta Jogi ~ Hindi Travelogue
      – Being Dissatisfied ~ English Satire
      – 80-quettes ~ English Self-Help
      – Ujala Darpan ~ Hindi Mix Genre
      – Kritrim Aapada ~ Hindi Short Novel

Kingsley Kurien

Kingsley Kurien is a senior Human Resources professional and has been a guest speaker on various HR forums. In his career of more than a decade and a half, Kingsley was instrumental in setting up people and processes for various startup organization’s which has bloomed into large corporates. Has been instrumental in leading large HR teams across corporate, sites and plant. Kingsley is an MBA in Human Resources from Osmania University and is an Avid singer, Musician (Has a music channel of his own which goes with the name – Music Hill), Poet, Traveler and a foodie.

His debut book “Love Never Fades” hit the stands last year in 2020 December and since then has been hugely popular with young adults as it depicts a love story set in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Writing happened by accident for Kingsley wherein he started writing a few lines in April 2019 and the few lines became para’s and para’s to chapters and ultimately publishing the same as a book. The book is up for sale on all social media forums i.e. on Amazon globally and Flipkart.

Ubbay Francis

Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai according to Google. He is a renowned casting director, model, former bodybuilding coach, celebrity relationship specialist, digital marketing enthusiast, and bestselling author. His book The Importance of Physics in Literature was recently published and garnered a lot of interest amongst the sporting as well as other communities. Francis truly believes that he can be a perfect role model for Indian youth.


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