Stand-up comedians with quality content and a dynamic stage presence are rare.

And with comedy being a heated topic in India (albeit ironically), it’s almost like a shot in the dark from a blind horse’s back when you expect to find brilliant stand-up comedians in our country.

But hey, our job is to find the diamonds in the rough for you and that’s just what we have done.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 of the most amazing stand-up comedians in our country, right now (the list is in no particular order):

#1. Abhishek Upmanyu:

Rising quickly among the ranks of top Indian stand-up comedians, Abhishek Upmanyu barely needs an introduction. The Delhi based funny man’s witty punchlines and his mockery of the established norms in the society has made him a crowd favorite.

His style of comedy is very direct and straightforward, with most of his jokes directed at the mockery of the Indian traditions and households. Do check out his YouTube channel here and you’re in for a treat!

#2. Zakir Khan:

The man. the “launda”. The “sakht launda”, as he is so eloquently known. Zakir Khan went viral after his video “Life Mein Chahiye Izzat!” which you can watch, here:

The man has made a name for himself and ascended as one of the top stand-up comedians in the country by his humor which is based mostly on self-deprecation added to his trademark jokes describing his shenanigans with women in India and the society’s bigotry.

#3. Daniel Fernandes:

One of those guys who believe in a straightforward and no-bullshit comedy, Daniel Fernandes is the man!

His shows have a wide range of subtle humor with quick-witted one-liners and intelligent jokes as he stops at nothing, be it talking about global or local issues and he surely is here to stay among the best!

One of his most popular videos where he talks about why India should indeed BAN Fawad Khan has gained a lot of popularity and this just the start for this young comic!

#4. Sorabh Pant:

Oh, the energy of the man who has come to be known as one of India’s top stand-up comedians for all the right reasons: Sorabh Pant a.k.a Hanky Panty has established a brand of comedy unlike no other.

Keeping aside his comic group called East India Company, Sorabh Pant has established himself as one of the best comics in the country with his subtle jokes and unparalleled stage presence in terms of energy and dynamism.

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His jokes mock every possible social issue you can think of with his crisp politically incorrect stance and he generally ends his jokes with a powerful message and that’s why, this is a man who is a true modern legend of the art of comedy.

#5. Biswa Kalyan Rath:

Biswa Kalyan Rath, much similar to Zakir Khan has an undeniably humorous style of self-deprecation and his accent (he’s from Orissa) makes his jokes even funnier as he has a distinct presentation style. This makes him one of the most naturally funny stand-up comedians in the scene.

After gaining fame for his segment called “Pretentious Movie Reviews” with fellow comedian Kanan Gill, Biswa did some hilarious shows and became a top dog in India’s comedy scene.

Currently riding on the waves of his stand-up tour called “Biswa Mast Aadmi”, this man surely has a long way to go in his already successful career.

Well, that’s our list of the top stand-up comedians in our country!

Feel free to share your suggestions with us in the comments!

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