January 17: Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth, but only an event anchor like AbhishekMhatre can make your next family wedding memorable. 

Event anchors have a great task to fulfil as they get into the shoes of the host, and the success of the event depends on them. They orchestrate the flow of and put life into an event by using wit, humor as well as crisp and well-modulated speech. The anchor is the person who shapes the event, gives it life, and creates the right ambience, and Abhishek Mhatre is the best choice when you want that to happen.

He will not only do that for you but also ensure that your guests don’t get bored. This is because your guests are sure to enjoy the party when Abhishek Mhatre plays, the host. That’s one of the top reasons that makes him a popular anchor from Mumbai, who is hosting events back-to-back. If one day he is in Goa, the next day he is in some other place where he is making people groove to his tunes.

That reminds us about the Sangeet night, which is one of the unmissable and grand ceremonies of Indian weddings. When it comes to hosting a wild night of dancing, music, and raucous competition, a solid anchor is essential. Of all the growing number of anchors at the moment, there is one who has become  a favourite of the Indian public for the Sangeet event, and it is none other than the big name ‘Abhishek Mhatre.’

In fact, one of the marriage ceremonies Abhishek Mhatre is most popular for is the Sangeet event which he makes come alive as he sets the mood of the guests with his smart and engaging quizzes. If Indian weddings are memorable events, than Abhishek Mhatre makes them grander with his Sangeet ceremonies. He knows very well how to make people groove to his tunes during the Sangeet ceremonies. Abhishek Mhatre has become tremendously popular in the area of Sangeet events, during which he makes the guests swoon with his energy and stellar performance.  

Abhishek Mhatre’s unique sense of humor, is something to enjoy when he is performing on stage, which he has made his home. He’s a born performer who brings joy to millions of people with his one-of-a-kind shows. No one would have the heart of not attending your family wedding if you just tell them that Abhishek Mhatre is going to anchor the event. Due to his spontaneity, people love to make Abhishek Mhatre a part of their wedding events.

When it comes to Indian weddings, the elaborate festivities with days-long rituals can make you weary. The best thing to do when you want to sit back and enjoy the ceremonies is to take the help of an event anchor who can even help you plan the whole wedding. That’s where you can rely on Abhishek Mhatre, who will also plan the whole wedding for you. The services that he provides include Wedding Planning, Corporate Events, and Event Planning.

Of course, he is passionate about his art, loves his job of anchoring events and has a jam-packed schedule. But, Abhishek Mhatre welcomes new challenges and loves to meet new people, because of which he won’t say no if you want him to make your next family wedding memorable.

Apart from being a wedding anchor, Abhishek Mhatre is a multi-purpose anchor who has hosted shows for celebrities and major businesses for many years. The events where he has performed are Sangeet / Wedding Events, Celebrity Live Concerts, Corporate Shows, Private Parties, and Fashion Shows to name a few.

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