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Top Entrepreneurs To Follow During Covid-19


There is no question that with everything happening in the world right now, people are looking for ways to get inspired and realize that you can still be successful even during the current pandemic.

If you are looking to start a business during these uncertain times, here are some entrepreneurs who have successfully been able to grow their businesses, sustain and scale them, and are currently doing great things, even during this pandemic.

This year VIP MEDIA Group has put together a list of Top Entrepreneurs to follow.

– Grant Cardone Instagram: @grantcardone

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and has been buying real estate for over 30 years. Over those three decades, he has bought over two billion dollars worth of real estate in eight states. Grant currently manages 7,068 units with his private equity firm Cardone Capital. He is such a good real estate investor because of his extreme discipline, specific formulas, and good instinct to know when to exit the property. Throughout his career, Grant has been giving small investors a chance to start small and go big.


– Tai Lopez Instagram: @tailopez

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, and advisor to almost two-dozen multi-million-dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts, The Tai Lopez Show, Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with over 1.4 million people in 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show gets around 800,000 downloads per month. In addition, Tai also owns the largest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box, and was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.


–  Kevin Orlando 

Instagram: @MrKevinOrlando

Kevin Orlando is an incredible real estate investor, financial expert, and entrepreneur. With over 20 years of experience in the financial world, he decided to step foot into the real estate investing industry in 2005. Fast forward to 2019 Kevin started his business GO Realty Capital Partners. GO is a Direct Lender and Specialty Finance Company which provides both debt and equity structures to real estate entrepreneurs throughout the United States. What motivated Kevin to start entrepreneurship was his mother. He saw his mom who came from nothing, but worked hard to own property and run successful businesses. Some of Kevin’s greatest accomplishments include building an 8 figure real estate lending platform in a year while undergoing a life saving kidney transplant. In addition to that, his accomplishments include being a father to a child with autism which inspired Kevin to create a company initiative to hire individuals with special needs children and allow them to work from home to take care of their child while working. With Covid-19, his business model was already remote so there wasn’t much of a transition. Kevin’s biggest challenge during this time was working with 3rd party services providers. Since his team was already accustomed to working remotely, they already had great speed, whereas most of his providers were in offices and moving to remote work spaces, which made them slower. In 2021, Kevin wants to focus on educating others on how to become successful.


– Samir Kahlot Instagram:@samirkahlot 

Samir Kahlot, from college dropout to 8 figure entrepreneur, is one of the World’s Youngest ECommerce moguls. At only 22, Kahlot has built a brand that started from nothing to over $100,000 in sales a day to $1 Million a month in just two years. With his desire to know more, Kahlot has spent countless hours learning from free online tools and experts how to become successful in the E-Commerce industry. Now it is his turn. He is using his expertise to teach others how to gain financial freedom like he did! He teaches people through his YouTube channel, consulting calls, and soon he will be releasing a IGTV series on his Instagram.  His goal in 2020 is to do $20 Million in sales across all of his brands. 


– Seth Kniep Instagram: @sethkniep

Living the death-by-paycheck cycle, tired of his corporate job and $24,000 in debt, Seth Kniep walked the streets with a single dime, dead set on doubling it 20 times into over $100,000, to create freedom for him and his family. Today Seth’s team manages over 100 million in annual revenue for name brands and silent investors on the Amazon platform.The co-founder of Just One Dime, Seth and his team have trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs in over 150 countries, 27 of whom are multi-millionaires today. Seth’s team grows the Amazon store for one of the sharks from the Shark Tank TV show, runs a sourcing team in China and multiple fulfillment centers across the US, and was requested by two countries to train their top businesses. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Seth is raising an army of investors and entrepreneurs who leverage innovation, capital, and vision to help the human race for future generations. To learn more about Seth and stay up to date with what he’s doing check out his Instagram and Just One Dime. 


– Anthony Martini Instagram:@realantmoney

Anthony Martini began as an artist manager developing unknown talent into worldwide superstars. After years of success managing clients like Tyga and Lil Dicky, Martini saw an increase in music streaming value and founded the independent record label called Commission Records. He quickly built Commission into a force to be reckoned with, amassing billions of streams, multiple platinum releases, and a top 10 ranking among urban labels, earning him recognition by Billboard magazine as an R&B/ Hip-Hop Power Player. With a company valuation of $20 million, he sold Commission and has turned an eye towards where the entertainment business is heading next. As a partner in Royalty Exchange, the world’s largest royalty investment platform, Martini connects artists with investors looking to buy music royalties. Artists have lost large portions of income during Covid-19, but with more people than ever streaming music, royalties are an attractive asset class. Royalty Exchange has already paid out over $85 million to artists and has only seen interest increase during the pandemic. In 2021, Anthony plans on continuing to disrupt the old music business models while empowering Artists.


– Loren Leon

Instagram: @thecreditassist

Loren Leon is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who came here with no papers giving her fewer opportunities than those with legal citizenship. After getting let go at her job which she was living paycheck to paycheck with, she knew she was tired of working for someone else and building someone else’s dream. This is when she decided to join the credit repair world, where she gets to run her own business, and have time, location and financial freedom. Her credit repair business is called The Credit Assist. Some of her greatest accomplishments include her e-book she launched called Credit Repair Guide For Beginners, and the smile she sees on her clients face  when they close on their first home after working with her doing their credit repair. With Covid-19 while most of her job is online, her biggest challenge was not being able to have live credit classes with her clients. In 2021, Loren plans on bringing credit repair programs to schools to educate students about credit and money management, entrepreneur courses, and how to be your own boss.


– Pascal Bachmann

Instagram:@pascalbachmann_official Website:

Pascal Bachmann is a former pro-athlete turned serial entrepreneur. Over the last 25 years, this Swiss native has built 7 businesses which have a combined net worth of over $20 million dollars. His road to success was not an easy one, after going through a $15 million dollar bankruptcy while trying to support his family, he hit rock bottom. He channeled his frustration and worry into the empire he has built today. Along the way, he realized that this bankruptcy that almost destroyed him became a gift in disguise. He is using his story to inspire other entrepreneurs and business owners, that even if you’re going through a hard time, you don’t have to be stuck there. In 2020, with his passion to inspire and empower doers to find their own way and live a healthy life with success, gratitude, and joy, Pascal is on a mission to impact a million lives all over the world.


– A. Donahue Baker

Instagram: @adonahuebaker

Donahue Baker, CPA is a successful entrepreneur, author, influencer, and national speaker. There is no doubt that A. Donahue has made a name for himself in a number of industries. From being a former Grammy-nominated producer to owning over 500 residential and commercial units of real estate. A. Donahue is the co-founder of Money Avenue, LLC, which is one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in the country (ranked 199 out of the top 5000 firms). Money Avenue, LLC is able to get businesses the full arsenal of wealth management tools to increase wealth, from real estate & business loans, bank accounts, Insurance, to lines of credit that are not linked to a personal credit profile. In addition to helping businesses get access to capital, Donahue’s passion has always been his family and helping others to build generational wealth and he has done just that. Now, he is a professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he teaches entrepreneurship and wealth-building strategies to young adults. A. Donahue specializes in teaching people how to spot, analyze, and fund value-add apartment deals to build wealth. In 2020, A. Donahue wants to keep on expanding his businesses, writing and publishing a book, and making a film documentary to get his story and vision out there.


– Corey Everhart Instagram: @pilot_corey 

Corey Everhart is a successful lifelong entrepreneur, from selling ice cream to the neighborhood kids at 8 years old to cutting lawns in his community as a teenager Corey is a natural born entrepreneur. With that in mind he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 owning a successful cleaning company, 8 years later he sold it to pursue his other dream of being a pilot. While in flight school thoughts of being a business owner would cross his mind, he loved being able to work with other business owners. This realization pushed him to go back into the entrepreneurial world, while keeping aviation as a hobby. This is when he started his company Build Thrive Succeed, a marketing company with the mission to help his clients build, thrive, and succeed. His company focuses on helping clients grow their instagram following, leverage their growth, and monetize their page. With covid-19 Build Thrive Succeed grew a lot, with many companies needing to adapt to the digital space this leveraged his company to hire more salespeople to reach out to people and brands to help them grow on social media to make them stand out against the competition. In 2021 Corey plans on growing his team at Build Thrive Succeed, and reaching out to more people, brands, and businesses to help them get their name out there in social media.


– Toke Makinwa Instagram:@tokemakinwa

Toke Makinwa is a successful influencer, media personality and entrepreneur. After getting her start working at a radio station this job opened many opportunities for her. This led her to start the Toke Makinwa Brand which she showcased on Youtube and later on Television. Her brand has taken off and has branched out into different industries. Now the Tok Makiwa brand has a bag line called Toke Makinwa Luxury, and Toke Kainwa Beauty which is a beauty line. Some of her greatest achievements include building her brand from scratch, being able to turn her passion into profit, and growing her brand and name across Africa. Toke comes from humble beginnings, after losing both her parents at just 8 years old, she knew she wanted more for herself and to create generational wealth and to make her own legacy, which is exactly what she’s doing with her brands.With Covid-19 her brand thrived, her only setback was that The Toke Makinwa Luxury line had slower shipping since China production was closed for a few months.In 2020 Toke is ending the year strong by reaching one of her major goals from this year to collaborate with incredible brands and form partnerships with businesses. In 2021 she is working hard to continue to expand her brand and become a household name. 


– Megan Gallagher Instagram: @meganwgallagher 

Megan Gallagher  is a 24 year old 2x TED Talk speaker, 3x Best Selling Author, Afterbuzz TV Host, Writer for Restyled Magazine, Podcast Host, Wellness Blogger & Meditation Magazine Writer. While growing up, she struggled with severe anxiety and body image issues. After healing, she started her business at 18 years old and has spoken at over 650 Universities. Her story has been featured in major media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, NBC, FOX, OK! Magazine, People and Business Insider! She recently was signed on to The Washington Speakers Bureau as the youngest speaker in the history of the bureau. Some of her greatest accomplishments include getting the opportunity to speak at multiple TED conferences before the age of 25, being a #1 Best-Selling Author, and much more. Between covid-19 and the election, today’s climate has caused a lot of people stress and anxiety. She has been using her voice to help encourage people who are struggling during this time to be a source of support, positivity and strength. In 2021, Megan’s goals include landing a book publishing deal with Penguin Teen, making $200,000 a month, get a writing Job at Teen Vogue, and make an appearance on The Today Show.


– Jordan Menard Instagram: @jordanhaswings

Jordan Menard is a digital marketing entrepreneur who is making a name for himself with Facebook & Instagram Ads. Growing up, Jordan always prioritized freedom and creativity above the traditional 9-5 system, and the internet was the perfect place to use those skills to create financial independence. Jordan owns & operates his agency Long Form Creative Co, a hybrid creative/performance digital agency. His company creates and runs Facebook and Instagram Ads for some of the biggest brands in the world. Some of his greatest accomplishments include writing over 5 individual ads which have done over $1 million in revenue, working with top people in the marketing world like Tai Lopez, Jordan Belfort “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Robert Kiyosaki, and many more.  With COVID-19, the biggest struggle was maintaining and creating company culture without meeting in person. At 1st, they used Zoom digital meeting rooms, and now, with current regulations, they have been meeting in person while following social distancing guidelines. For Q4 of 2020 Jordan’s goal is keep pushing and continuing growing his agency, along with his e-learning platform called Traffic Pilot where he teaches people his secrets to running successful Facebook Ads, and much more. In addition his overall goal for years to come is to teach as many people as possible how to master Ads and use the internet in a way that benefits their lives like it has for Jordan. 


– Daniel Whitney Instagram: @Daniel.Whitney

Daniel Whitney is a successful entrepreneur owning an exotic and luxury car rental brand in Los Angeles, California. Always having a passion for cars, and growing up watching both of his parents own successful businesses this is what motivated Daniel to join the entrepreneurial space. He took these two driving forces and used it to make his company DRIV3 Rentals Los Angeles with his brother Derrick Whitney. Some of his greatest accomplishments include having a fleet of 19 exotic vehicles in just a few years of oppertating, and being partnered with major hotels which has led him to gain many referrals. With covid-19 his biggest challenge was the ban on international travel, with nearly half of his clients outside of the United States this changed things significantly for him. Daniel has worked hard to keep his business operating during these uncertain times, he has implemented professional sanitation to his vehicles before and after clients use them to keep them safe. In 2020 Daniel’s biggest goal is to come out strong, with many people in the same industry as him having to shut down their business due to covid-19 Daniel is working through the punches and maintaining a thriving business.


– Michael Ashabi Instagram: @mikeashabi

Michael Ashabi is a serial entrepreneur and a top level life and business coach that works with a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners, and start ups to help them build strategies for sustainability and scaling. His company, True Life Ventures, focuses on making clients increase business growth by 40% month after month, and as a result, allow them to achieve financial freedom. Michael is a very results driven person and aspires to keep helping clients around the world to succeed.


– Chris Diaz Instagram: @itschrisdiaz

Chris Diaz got his bachelor’s degree in 2016 and then got experience working sales for the most luxurious car dealership in Miami, FL and in a banking position at J.P Morgan Chase. He then saw the opportunity in the digital marketing space, so he decided to invest into courses, mentors, books, and materials that would teach him how to grow his social presence. Chris then started his own agency, pursued his passion, and is now fulfilling his life’s purpose. Chris is a consultant, marketing expert, and CEO of Chris Diaz Agency. He is well known for his innate ability to revolutionize the way a brand is seen. He provides digital consulting for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs and elite businesses looking to grow their social presence and scale beyond their current standing. He also runs a 100M+ digital network filled with artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, and more which he leverages to drive more traffic to his clients businesses.

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  1. There’s a class action lawsuit against Cardone.

    He bought the most real estate he ever bought AT THE TOP. He bought this real estate from far savvier investors who knew full well he was over paying.


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