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Top 9 Inspiring Women to Look out for in 2020


A​s 2020 turns a corner towards the end of the year, women influencers have indeed taken charge and made their mark in the digital world. With social media usage on the rise, inspiring and hardworking women have taken to all platforms to share their uplifting messages of positivity, uniting us all in a challenging year. Whether it’s self-care, self-improvement, or business, these women prove that their statements are strong, influential, and deserve to be heard loud and clear. 

As more women advocate for the causes, they believe in they continue to raise awareness and use their platforms to help other women to succeed collectively, building a better society and life for all of us. As we empower each other, we also empower ourselves. There have been some standout influencers this year, and in no particular order, these are the top nine inspiring women to look out for in 2020. 

1​. Aurora Rosselli

Award-winning photographer Aurora Rosselli is a lifestyle and art influencer famous for her fashion and beauty photography. After working with global celebrities such as Hugh Hefner, Kat Von D, The Kardashians, Drew Barrymore, and Charlize Theron, Aurora launched @eclisse_creazioni, a place to showcase her work and cultivate lively conversation online. “Being an influencer is about being a positive role model on the internet,” states Aurora. “I have a young audience, and I’m careful about what I expose them to. I want to inspire the belief that the world is a beautiful place.”

2​. Sophie Bowman

F​orbes published and award-winning influencer and entrepreneur Sophie Bowman @sophiecbowman is a self-proclaimed “jack-of-all-trades” known for taking brands from social media to the red carpet. A writer and digital marketing expert, Sophie offers classes and coaching, helping get brands to the next level. “There is a lot to be said for walking the walk and working through challenges,” explains Sophie. “If we did everything the same, there would be no change or innovation.” Understanding that adapting to change is key, Sophie inspires others to overcome limitations.

3​. Dr. Ally

Founder of Doux Consulting, Dr. Ally @AllycinHicks, is a mental health expert featured on VH1, NBC, and OWN. A life coach and relationship expert, Dr. Ally helps her followers tap into their best selves through a combination of empathy, positivity, and science.  “Influence is how our words and actions manifest in the lives of others, creating a better future for all we encounter,” says Dr. Ally. “When we tap into our power we begin to create the world we want to see.” Reaching people where they are and bringing them towards where they want to be makes Dr. Ally a great influencer to follow.

4​. Anna Goncharova

Luxury traveler influencer Anna Goncharova @hanna_redheaded_fox shares her love of travel and culture through gorgeous photography and her inspiring story. Slated to offer the first online traveler influencer school with openings beginning in January 2021, Anna believes the world is one open book, and it’s our travels that tell the best stories. “An influencer is someone who creates a strong brand because their opinion is always honest and valuable,” says Anna. “A real influencer wants to make the world a better place.” That is the premise behind not only her brand but her online school as well. 

5​. Lori Greiner

S​hark tank personality and entrepreneur Lori Greiner is an inspiring woman who views business as not only a personal endeavor but a humanitarian one as well. A brilliant businesswoman and impeccable leader, Lori took an idea and turned it into a multi-million-dollar brand helping others do the same thing. “What good is our knowledge if we don’t share it,” states Lori. “When it comes to business, I don’t believe in secrets. There is enough for all of us. We just have to go after it.”

6​. Julie Hauptmann

Content creator and self-made entrepreneur Julie Hauptmann @jules_cali is a travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger focusing on all things related to finding joy in the ordinary to extraordinary. Believing that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, Julie has created a brand centered on the products and experiences that can help women feel good about themselves while achieving what they want in life. Julie explains, “Influencing is about inspiring people with what you are passionate about, and I believe that our experiences can give us the lifestyles we desire.”

7​. Shoefielicious 

Behind every successful woman is a great pair (or few hundred pairs) of shoes. Meet Shoefielicious® — a savvy corporate litigation attorney and real estate investor who gives new meaning to the term BOSS BABE by doing it all while wearing the hottest heels in town. Her Shoefielicious® Instagram page is dedicated entirely to her massive designer shoe collection, and her desire to help women around the globe choose the heels that make them feel their best. “Your shoes say a lot about you. You have to choose wisely.” Shoefielicious® spotlights high fashion and female empowerment and reminds us all that women can be both feminine and powerful.

8​. Erica Wiltz

International model and influencer Erica Saint Wiltz is a creative on a mission to inspire others to live fully. With a marketing and creative directing background, Erica launched her account @itsdaddylonglegs, allowing her to create unique content in the fashion, beauty, and travel sectors. With an artistic edge, Erica truly stands out where she garnered the attention of Vogue Italia and Savage X Fenty — recently signing on as an ambassador. Her curiosity and zest for life shows in her work. “It’s not just about content,” says Erica. “You have to inspire and reach people by the way you truly live.” 

9​. Shira Lazar

The influencer behind What’s Trending and Peace Inside Live @shiralazar inspires others to live out their truth and higher purpose. Combining her passion for resilience and persistence, Shira educates people on the importance of embracing oneself by stepping into their lives with power, acceptance, and love. “I believe that whatever platform you have, no matter how big your audience is, you can make a positive impact,” says Shira. “It’s important to recognize your privilege and responsibility to make a difference.” Entertaining content with a twist on advocating for change, Shira is changing the nature of influence for the future. 

With these spirited and creative women leading the charge, it’s time to walk into the end of 2020 with renewed focus and optimism.

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