Music is the highest form of art. Quintessentially binding vine of life, and culture. And when it comes to creation, we can’t hold ourselves back. 

It is only when we create art with our bare souls, for the purpose of enjoyment in listening, the emotional response, performing, or simply creating, the immense worth of music in its entirety gets revealed. 

India is the land of music, and it’s no surprise that almost every household has at least one member who’s absorbed in it. But the question arises as to why good music isn’t appreciated enough? And why are we running blindly after the popular “artists” instead of the ones with genuine talent?

Now, when it comes to musicians and singers, perhaps collectively calling them artists would be more appropriate, the impact matters. Especially when the work they do is commendable. Hearing our beloved artists is as pleasing as it is unpleasant to see that they remain underappreciated. 

If only their talent, hard work, and heartfelt contribution to our lives were not taken at face value, and we all looked past the “quantity”, we’d be able to appreciate the “quality” for once. 

It is not to be mentioned that today’s music, or whatever’s left of it, is overrated, and the talent worthy of acknowledgment is lost among the mediocrity. The supremacy of good music can never be paralleled by conventional yet popular one. 

And so, I took it upon myself to introduce y’all to good albeit underrated musicians of India, and what better platform to follow them than Instagram. Here is a list curated by me consisting of the top 10 singers/contemporary artists belonging to the music industry that you should follow on Instagram:

1. Anumita Nadesan

Anumita Nadesan

2. Sachet Tandon

Sachet Tandon

3. Hansika Pareek

Hansika Pareek

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4. Kushagra Thakur

Kushagra Thakur

5. Sheetal Rawat

Sheetal Rawat

6. Samarth Swarup

Samarth Swarup

7. Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma

8. Keshav Tyohar

Keshav Tyohar

9. Maithili R Thakur

Maithili R Thakur

10. Melissa Srivastava

Melissa Srivastava

This brings us to the end of the list but not talent. If you know of any other artist that deserves appreciation and is underrated, let us know in the comment section below. The more, the merrier. After all, we’re all a big family.

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