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Top 10 Podcasts to Listen to if You Want to Advance in Business While Working from Home


One of the biggest qualities an entrepreneur has is resilience.  The pandemic caught many entrepreneurs off guard, demanding to revise how we do business, run teams, and serve clients. Working from home has now become an essential way of life. However, even working from home regularly, you don’t have to feel like you are at it alone.

Here we look at 10 hugely popular podcasts that are perfectly placed to help you advance different areas of business or life while you work from home.

From strategies, tips, and trends to emotional support, meditation techniques, and recommended books, there is something for everyone to benefit from when it comes to podcasts.

  1.     Motivation and inspiration

Podcast Name: The Dose of Leadership

Host: Richard Rierson

A show jam-packed with interviews and discussions with some of the most talented, courageous, and resilient of guests, The Dose of Leadership is a much-needed podcast for all entrepreneurs.

Helping you navigate the best practices; this podcast not only works to motivate but ultimately educate. It does this by concentrating on how to become a better leader while ensuring all the wisdom offered relates to the individual listener.

  1.  Building and scaling the business

Podcast Name: EntreLeadership

Host: Daniel Tardy

For  those entrepreneurs eager to build and scale their business, the EntreLeadership provides you with the know-how.

Speaking with guests who have done exactly that, this podcast delves into the how and why while offering content from those businesses who have utilized and succeeded with such information.

With the emphasis on taking control and providing a map to navigate with, this really is a business coaching podcast that works!

  1. Mediate to stay laser-focused

Podcast Name: Work Party

Host: Jaclyn Johnson

Work Party is a raw and real show, documenting the ups and downs of Jaclyn’s career and her path to success. Jaclyn Johnson, the founder and CEO of Create and Cultivate launched her podcast as a platform for all entrepreneurial women where they can learn from each other and celebrate each other’s success. You’ll enjoy interviews with female founders, CEOs, women in freelancing, and other creatives. No matter what path are you on as an entrepreneur, Jaclyn has a story you can relate to. Her conversations with guests strikingly open, honest and a goldmine for acquiring that entrepreneurial mindset.

  1. Actionable strategies for ambitious freelancers

Podcast Name: 7-Figure Small with Brian Clark

Host: Brian Clark

A podcast created by a hugely successful serial entrepreneur; Brian Clark is the man who has done it all!

7-Figure Small is his platform for coaching, connecting, and offering a means of a community for all entrepreneurs looking to profit from their business but on their terms.

Immensely inspirational, Brian’s zest for a way of life that bucks the norm sees him interview some incredible high-profile guests. These are the guests who contribute their strategies for making your own route in the business world.

  1. Books for entrepreneurs 

Podcast Name: 2000 Books for Ambitious Entrepreneurs – Author Interviews and Book Summaries

Host: Mani Vaya

Selecting and reading those most inspiring and knowledgeable of books can do a great deal for motivation when you’re an entrepreneur. Nowhere is this highlighted more than on the 2000 Books Podcast.

Saving the listener time, this is the series that searches for and selects only those books from some of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs.

Reaching out to those well-respected authors for further ideas and advice, some of the books covered include the reputable Elon Musk and Jeff Bezo, for starters.  

  1. Trends, news, and the future of successful entrepreneurship

Podcast Name: a16z

Host: Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz

From Silicon Valley comes a thoroughly updated and relevant podcast offering listeners regular updates on changing technology.

With an emphasis on providing entrepreneurs with instant access to the latest technological development, a16z works to keep its listeners top of their game.

Boasting global features from expert leaders and creative thinkers, this is the podcast to connect like-minded entrepreneurs while propelling them forward with their ideas and visions.

  1. Aligning your thoughts, actions, and energy for success

Podcast Name: The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast

Host: Lauren Saunders

In a world whereby hustling can be draining, The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast works hard to bring change to the entrepreneur mindset, thus changing your life altogether.

Providing listeners with an increased sense of alignment, the aim here is to ensure all those beneficial thoughts are aligned with the correct action and energy. This way we can begin manifesting those more successful business outcomes.

Promoting a dream, believe, and algin stance, Lauren Saunders is your business and manifestation coach throughout this immensely popular podcast.

  1. Startups strategies

Podcast Name: Future Squared with Steve Glaveski

Host: Steve Glaveski

Alongside a change in the way we live, technology brings its own daily challenges to the way entrepreneurs navigate their path.

Future Squared was developed to help all those in business at any level steer that brave new world a little easier.

Promoting conversation with leaders in their field, the concept here is to encourage multi-disciplinary thinking while achieving those goals set to navigate this ever-changing world. Never has a podcast been so relevant in today’s climate and for those now working more from the home.

  1. Health and lifestyle for high performers

Podcast Name: The High Performance Health Podcast

Host: Angela Foster

With so much commitment required to succeed as an entrepreneur, it’s often easy to forget our health in the process. It’s for this reason that Angela Foster has created The High Performance Podcast.

This is intended to offer those working for themselves a jam-packed podcast on maximizing health, mind, and lifestyle seamlessly alongside that of your business venture.

Angela Foster is on a mission to arm listeners with all the essential tools, techniques, and hacks to optimal health.

This includes interviews with some of the most highly respected professionals of the health, performance, and business fields.

  1. Emotional and mental health for entrepreneurs

Podcast Name: EQ for Entrepreneurs

Host: Noble & Kathy Gibbens

Promoting the value of emotional intelligence alongside work ethic, EQ for Entrepreneurs is the highly sought-after podcast from husband and wife team entrepreneur Kathy and Nobel Gibbens.

Speaking from personal experience and with decades of business experience as well as frustration in their personal lives, this is the podcast that works on building entrepreneurs up from the inside out.

With an emphasis on changing yourself for the better, this is a realistic podcast offering additional guidance from other business owners and their experience on successfully changing their lives and indeed their businesses.

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