All of us have been in an awkward situation with our parents at least once when we are way too high to communicate. It is not easy to get away with smoking up in Indian households. 

All brown kids will relate to incessant taunts by parents like “Yahi din dekhna reh gaya tha bas” and dramatic reactions from your mothers. We know all too well what happens when our mothers get emotional and get to know her “dudh ka dhula bacha” is not as clean and innocent as she thought. 

Some parents, meanwhile, tend to be on a little more violent side and no one can even imagine uttering a word to them when they get angry. Their death stares are enough to understand what fate lies ahead of us. 

The fear we have of our parents finding out about us getting high is just as high as their fear of “log kya kahenge”.

Here are a few reasons why brown kids can never get high in Indian households.

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And how can we forget about “Jab tumhare bachhe honge na, tab samajh aayega”. Despite all these problems, we know it’s all coming from a place of concern for us. No matter how many “chittar” and “chappals” you receive, you know your parents will have your back. 

Did any other reason pop up in your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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