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SuzanMarie: Australian Actress on the rise


Some are born with talent but really it is just the head-start, it takes hard work to finish better. 

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and the struggle we go through to reach there is totally worth it if the result is what we desired. If we want something and are passionate about it, none of the boulders are big enough to stop us from achieving it. An actress in her teen, who knows there is no telling what you can do, when you believe in them and there is no telling what will happen, when you act upon them. SuzanMarie, a rising young actress who never gave up on her dream, has already started conquering hearts in the Australian film industry.

Born on August 11, 2003 in Sydney, Australia, SuzanMarie is an Australian actress, singer, musician and TV personality. SuzanMarie shares that “…acting is an amazing creative outlet where I am able to express myself and tell a story.  It is just who I am. For young actresses, it’s sometimes a little difficult to make an impact and hard to be heard.

Since the very beginning acting had always been her passion and she started pursuing that at the small age of four. The early years of life mould the personality of a person, they say. Joining arts school in Australia, America and the United Kingdom and training for how to act from a very young age polished her skills as an actress even more. Along with acting, SuzanMarie had an inclination towards singing as well. She used to compose and sing songs since the age of 9 and by the age of 12, she released her original song Together We Are One.

As it is said, success is all about little steps. Little steps repeated and they turn small things into big, which true for SuzanMarie and really nothing turned overnight for her, everything was filled drop by drop. She began her career in acting with starring in many television shows like Hostages: Don’t Take Another Step, Renovation, Trust, Book Week, In the Hands of a Child, Troop, Do You Mind? Hollywood etc. As more and more people saw her on the screen, she gained popularity. She received praise from critics and gathered the media’s attention for her own sake. SuzanMarie has even starred in musicals like The Sound of Music, Annie, Boogie Fever, Snow White, The Green Grosser and Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations. 

She made her grand debut on the big screen with a role in the movie Alex & Eve (2016) directed by Peter Andrikidis, where she appeared as Eve’s Cousin. Her performance in ABC Me’s hit TV series “Bushwhacked Bugs” became the turning point in her career. She received widespread admiration from viewers and loads of acclamation from the critics.

Recently SuzanMarie has played the lead in the Walk free campaign held in the United Nations. The Walk Free / Every Women Every Child campaign on Modern Slavery Virtual press Conference at the United Nations  is an unprecedented global movement that has mobilized 740 multi-stakeholder commitments in support of women, children and adolescents. She played an impactful role in the campaign and also for a good cause.

SuzanMarie is one of those actresses who is dedicated for their work, she shares that she is really not impressed by money, social status or people she is around, she is impressed by the way she is able to deliver what was expected out of her role. She had her head clear since the beginning and always strived in the right direction. From writing songs to starring in musicals she did not leave anything unexplored. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. 

We could be born with talents but we do need to work hard for people to see them in us. As much as we have to struggle, if we have a positive attitude towards everything in life and face everything with a smile, half of our problems will be easily solved. SuzanMarie is a rising actress with clear goals to control the direction of change in her life. 

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