We all get annoyed at some point or the other by those constant spam emails and advertisements popping up everywhere, whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.

It’s quite surprising how similar fuccbois and e-commerce websites trying to sell their products can be.

And there’s at least one fuccboi waiting for you on every app. Their message notifications are just like unwanted notifications you keep getting to buy some product or the other. But often we find ourselves falling for them.

Their offers make us crave them like “cheat days on a diet” way too frequently.

Here are a few similarities between e-commerce sites and fuccbois you won’t be able to deny:

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Next time you’re confused whether the guy you’re talking to is a fuccboi or not, look for signs of e-commerce websites and their advertisements in them. These signs might be more prominent than your mainstream methods to spot one and probably won’t fail you.

And if you still can’t resist the charms of the e-commerce sites and fuccbois, remember that you’ll end up regretting your decision. Your heart might break one way or the other.

Did any other similarities pop up in your head while reading? Let us know in the comments below.

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