The job market is very changing and in the present circumstances, some new thing barely lasts even a while before something new is already replacing it. With developments in technology, software, digital space, business and more being seen with alarming frequency, the job market is in a constantly evolving stage.

Thus it becomes even more important for potential employees to know which skills are one that employers are looking and use them to really secure that job position.

In its latest attempt, LinkedIn has come out with ‘Skills Evolution 2022’ and ‘Future of Skills 2022’, studies that take a look at database collected from the 92 million members from India itself.

These skill evolution reports took a look at the member skill data and then calculated the top 10 skills that the Indian employment sector has seen growth in since 2021. Along with that the study also took a look at the future skills for 2022 and which are the top rising ones from the skills that Indian professionals added to their LinkedIn profiles in 2021.

Which Are The In Demand Skills In India?

Here are the top 10 skills that are going to be very in demand in the coming future of the employment sector in India.

1. Business Development

2. Marketing

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3. Sales & Marketing

4. Engineering

5. SQL

6. Sales

7. Java

8. Sales Management

9. Microsoft Azure

10. Spring Boot

It must be noted that skills like business development and SQL have been pretty sought-after skills since 2015 and have remained in the list for years now. But it is also good to see that many of the skills are new ones that have just recently emerged.

As per reports, LinkedIn noted around 286 million skills that were added to profiles of users and even employers as many as 45% of them use this skill data as means to understand if a candidate is good for the role. This is a 13% increase from last year.

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