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Tmall customized theme song “Cheer up as one” singing by spokesperson Jackson for 2020 double 11


“Support you and enjoy your life”, each of us lives for love and ideals that never go out in our hearts. Around the topic, “Cheer up as one” that Tmall customized theme song for the day of double 11 and sang by the spokesperson Jackson was released today. The new song and the MV that cross-dimensional song and dance show have been released simultaneously.

What’s special about the music is filled with happiness and enthusiasm, and also full of calm and deep thinking. When the music “Cheer up as one” starts, we are moved by the warm voice of singer Jackson. The music makes the distance, between people and heart to heart, shorter.

“Cheer up as one” is composed by DeanTing, a famous musician who collaborated with Jackson on the hit single “Ripples in the Heart”。 He leads the team of Ashlee Yip, Sean Lee and Nathan Cheng to elaborate the lyrics、music and produce. This song which is classical Nu Disco(new Disco) style, in the meaningful flavour restoring ancient ways and reflects the atmosphere, full of youthful vitality . With real drums and percussion、Bass、synthesizer、electric guitar, in Jackson’s clear and urban performance, he weaves a wonderful voice with both passion and energy, as well as gentle and delicate pouring out. Jackson shows his accurate grasp of rhythm, his control of “priority and urgency” in the whole singing process, and his delicate handling of the transition and the ending part surprise the producer DeanTing. “The song is really demanding in terms of emotional details, “he said: “The feeling, understanding and mastery Jackson has in the music shows so many possibilities of surprise. ”

Just listening “Cheer up as one “, has made person want to dance follow the singer Jackson. MV creatively turns three dimensions of ideal –” life diverse self” , ” perfect daily life” and “parallel world” –into a train. And each scene that be built as a carriage. The carriage becomes a most suitable stage for singing and dancing. In this “ideal life” train, each of us are striving for the ideal life, but also in order to live their own and keep moving forward. Facing with the rapidly changing world, we should uphold the firm principle of “maintaining the status quo”,and determination of” Cheer up as one” to see the world with a smile. From material to spirit, we believe that someday we will grow into the one we like.

What this song sings is ,not only the arrival of Tmall’s global carnival on singles day double 11, but also the strong emotional connection between Tmall brand and consumers –Tmall always stands together with the whole people and inspires everyone to pursue their ideal life. From the prelude to the chorus, the song contains the strength and persistence of everyone. The high-burning melody throughout is an inspiration to the fervent expectations of every consumer — Tmall hopes to accompany and support all consumers, stand with them, support every consumers daily life, and support everyone’s pursuit of ideal life!

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