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Author Raquel Portillo launches her debut queer novel, The Way Things Go


Author Raquel Portillo recently released her heart-wrenching debut queer novel, The Way Things Go. She was inspired to write stories with authentic LGBTQIA+ characters after discovering her own personal identity in high school. Portillo recalls a notable lack of LGBTQIA+ characters and themes in the books she read as a teenager.

The Way Things Go follows Luke, a bisexual boy with a rough past navigating the hardships of the world. But a lifetime of abuse and struggling to survive has taught him that he can’t trust himself or the intentions of those around him. It isn’t until Luke falls in love that he begins to believe that he deserves goodness, peace, and acceptance.

Portillo believes that readers from all backgrounds deserve to see themselves represented in fiction. She cites Alexis Hall, author of Glitterland, as an influence and an example of a fellow writer addressing mental health and internal conflict in fiction. Portillo draws on her personal experiences to strengthen the narrative and add depth to her characters.

In The Way Things Go, Portillo tackles serious issues like addiction and self-worth with finesse and sensitivity. She hopes that readers will identify with Luke and understand that it’s possible to overcome adversity. Fans describe Portillo’s breakout novel as “raw” and “real in a way that makes you think about your own life.” Readers are sure to enjoy Portillo’s simple style and her unmatched talent for creating dramatic tension.

Raquel Portillo is an author, an advocate for queer representation in fiction, and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. The Way Things Go is her first novel. Raquel can be found on Twitter at

The Way Things Go is available for purchase on and most major retailers.

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