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Tips For Writing Effective Copy For SEO


Whether you are writing content for a web page (ie. a service page or about us page) or a blog article, you should strive to adhere to best SEO practices for copywriting. This is especially true if you are targeting a local audience as part of your SEO Toronto efforts.

First and foremost, your content needs to be relevant and useful to the user. As an example, let’s look at a scenario of a landscaping company creating a page for one of its services. Obviously, the content should answer any question a user may have, but it should also cater to local users – you know, their target audience.

Now, this is definitely easier said than done, which is why I put together this article. In this article, I’ll share some tips that anyone can use to create strong copy for SEO.

Do Your Research

First thing’s first, do your research. By this, I’m not necessarily talking about research into your product or service. You may know your product or service inside and out, but you may not know the questions, concerns or queries that the average consumer may have about them. These are the things you want to address in your copy.

Beyond that, you need to make sure that you frame your product or service within the confines of the most optimal keyword. This means you’ll have to do some keyword research to ensure you are targeting the right keywords through your web pages and blogs.

Make Strong Titles 

You really should take the time to build strong on-page titles/headers (main title of the page and sub-titles). You want to include your keyword in some of these titles where it is necessary.

Most importantly, you’ll want to write engaging titles that draw a reader in or point them towards sections of a page that are most relevant to them.

Write For The Average Reader

As you generate your SEO Toronto copy, you want to ensure you don’t develop tunnel vision. By this I mean you don’t want to write with only one goal, and that is to check off every box on your SEO copy list.

You obviously want to optimize for SEO, but you also want to write interesting and engaging copy that people will enjoy reading.

Typographical Tools Are Your Friends. Use Them

By typographical tools, I am talking about bullet points, numbered lists, headers (titles), etc. These tools help you structure your copy in a way that is organized and more reader-friendly.

Trust me, the last thing a user wants to see when they land on a page or blog post is a tall wall of text. Break up sections of your copy using typographical tools to create copy that looks appealing to read rather than daunting to read.

Have A Clear Call To Action

Also known as a CTA, a call to action is a clear message to the user telling them what you want them to do. This is especially important on service pages.

Make sure you let the user know what you want them to do. Should they fill out a form? Should they call you? Spell it out for the user so that they know the best course of action for them to take to get their hands on your product or to get access to your service.

One thing you hear a lot from SEO Toronto practitioners is that content is king. This is why you need to spend the time to create quality content. By adopting the tips listed above as you write SEO copy, you’ll give your content the best chance to rank well on relevant Google searches.

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