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Quick Changes To Improve Your On-Page SEO


When it comes to improving a web page as part of your SEO Toronto endeavours, there are so many tactics available to web designers and SEO practitioners.

Indeed if you made a list of all of these activities you could implement, then that list would look pretty daunting by the time you finished it. It would look daunting not only because of its length, but also because of the fact that some activities on the list may seem difficult for just about anyone to implement.

Luckily, for the average business owner, there are some relatively easy things they can do right now to put any page on their website in a good position to rank pretty well on a Google search. By doing these simpler tasks, anyone can create a strong SEO foundation for a page on their website. With this foundation, they can then look to taking their website to the next level with the help of some professional SEO services.

Without further ado, let’s look at the quick changes anyone can do to improve their on-page SEO, starting with…

Make The Most Of Your First 100 Words

You want to start off strong on your page, which is why you’ll want to hone in on the first 100 words on a page.

Obviously, you’ll want well-written content free of any grammar mistakes. But most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that your main keyword for the page is in the first 100 words. Think of it this way: you need to make it easy for Google’s web page crawlers to understand what the page is about and if it is relevant to a user’s search query.

Have A Strong H1

Your H1 is the main title on your web page, and it plays a big role in establishing the structure of a web page.

Be sure to make sure that your H1 is your primary keyword for the page.

Be Smart With Your H2s and H3s

All titles under your H1 should be either H2s or H3s – but be smart with these. You’ll mainly set your titles as H2s, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore H3s.

For example, if one of your H2s is ‘Our Appliance Repair Services’ then under that you would set a title like ‘Fridge Repair’ as an H3. This creates a logical structure on the page for Google’s web crawlers.

Don’t Overstuff Your Keywords

The last thing you want to do is overstuff a page with your main keyword. This is something Google hates to see because it sees this as a method for manipulating its algorithm.

You can use a free keyword density checker tool to check how often you use your keyword to make sure your keyword use is at an acceptable level.

Use Valuable Outbound Links

Linking to other reputable websites  to reinforce the content on your page is a good way to show Google that you are a credible source.

Whether you use a link to an education, government or reputable organization website, you can reinforce what you are saying.

Obviously there is more you can do to improve your SEO Toronto prospects, but these activities are a great place to start before you delve into professional SEO services. These are changes that just about any website owner can implement right now.

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