The Mumbai Police have arrested Dhaval Unadkat for allegedly killing a man who was trying to break a fight between Dhaval and his partner.

The story was covered by both Times of India and Mumbai Mirror and both papers covered the story differently.

For readers outside Mumbai, Mumbai Mirror is a supplementary paper for Times of India focused more on the local news. It is, however, still a part of the Times group.

The Incident:

The common gist of the story in both the articles is that there were 3 people involved, Dhaval Unadkat, Parth Raval and Mohammed Asif.

Dhaval Unadkat and Mohammed Asif were in a relationship since 3 months and the latter had recently blocked Dhaval from social media and wasn’t responding to his calls.

Dhaval then decided to visit Mohammed Asif at his residence on Sunday where Parth Raval was also present. Dhaval tried to strangle Mohammed Asif and hit Parth Raval with a candle stand on his head which eventually lead to his demise.

Differences in TOI & MM:

The article was covered in Mumbai Mirror (MM) and Times of India (TOI) by different editors and these are the differences in their story:

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1. The Headline: The TOI headline indicates that this was a lover’s scuffle whereas the MM article indicates that it was an intervention by a third person which got him killed. The title of TOI was very wrong for a different reason which is mentioned later.

2. The Murder Weapon: MM article says that a wooden candlestick was used whereas TOI article says that an Iron Candlestick was used.

3. Residence of Dhaval Unadkat: According to the MM article Dhaval is a resident of Borivali and according to TOI it is Kandivali.

4. The Hospital Theory: The biggest and the most important discrepancy in their article is that after getting hit Parth Raval visited a private hospital. MM claims that he left the hospital and went home but TOI mentioned in their article that after visiting one Holy Family hospital he was advised to rush to Lilavati Hospital.

5. Age of the trio: TOI have written that all the people involved were of age 25 but according to MM Dhaval and Parth were 25 while Mohammed Asif was 27.

6. Police Statements: Both the articles have included police statements but they are different from one another, which means neither of them has used an official statement from the Mumbai Police.

There are different versions of this story going around online with every news agency adding their own stories too. I cannot blame two people for having two different stories but you cannot have two different stories if you are part of the same organization!

TOI Needs Sensitivity Training:

The discrepancies aside, the author of the article for Times of India, V. Narayan used “gay relationships” to describe the relationship between those two. It is even in the title of the article.

And not just him, a lot of other organizations like Times Now have added the word gay as a prefix to describe scenarios which occur in relationships just to create a ruckus and sell out more.

Don’t we live in India where homosexuality is decriminalized? Times of India really needs to give sensitivity training to their employees. If V. Narayan meant to say intimate relationship and could not recollect the word ‘intimate’ then that is even worse.

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Sources: Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, TimesNow News + more

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the difference and discrepancies in the media reporting. Parth Raval was my school friend. I have been reading the news stories yesterday and rightly pointed, all have dramatic reports. Such cheap publicity news stories traumatise relatives and friends. Didn’t expect big media houses to stoop so low – really shameless! They should be a little sensitive in reporting the young man’s death.

    Parth – A good friend and human being we knew. RIP brother! We miss you.


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