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Tiger Shroff vs Varun Dhawan


By Aishwarya Kochar

From the past few years Bollywood has welcomed many newcomers whose acting not only rocked the Bollywood but made a special place in the hearts of their dearest fans. We have come across two tough competitors Varun Dhawan and our new hunk Tiger Shroff. Both are sons of famous fathers.


1. Big debut, more fans:

Varun made his acting debut through SOTY where he showed his 6 pack abs, his elegant dance and his cool dude looks and that was enough to catch all girls’ hearts.

On the other hand Tiger Shroff made his acting debut through Heropanti where he left behind the so called talented heroes and didn’t leave a chance for anyone else to show off his 6 pack abs. Both proved successful in pulling people.  They can fancy any girl, dazzle anyone with just a look.


2. Big names, more buzz:

Both belong to a filmy background. Where Tiger Shroff is the son of extremely talented famous Jacky Shroff, Varun Dhawan is the son of king of directors David Dhawan. This created a lot of buzz and made them a superstars instantly.

3. Snazzy style:

Both know how to carry themselves in the limelight. When their talks didn’t work they just need to undo their shirts and enough said.

4. Yes, they have got the girls:

Varun has got the super gorgeous Alia Bhatt so for now he is called Alia’s man. Even our lady likes to be kissed by Varun Dhawan.

With his innocent looks and pale face Tiger has now got a huge female fan following too.

5. Perfect to too perfect:

Their energetic dance number hit the stage with fire and made everyone scream loud. Both work hard and their energy reflect in their performance which confirms their self-image.

So in all we can say both are tough hunks and gifts to Bollywood. We wish to see more of them in the future.




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