Groceries are something we run out of every week, and it is a hassle to go out every week, look for fresh fruits and vegetables and other daily essentials. After we are done shopping, it is a task to carry a huge-full bag of groceries to our homes. Sometimes we do require others to help us out. Right? 

Grocery shopping

Well, to reduce all your hassle and tiresome grocery shopping days, here is Zepto, a startup from Maharashtra that delivers groceries at your doorsteps in just 10 mins!!

Yes! You read that right. They deliver all your items in ten minutes. 

Let’s See What Zepto Offers Us

The company was started in 2021 by two Stanford university teen dropouts named Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra. It’s not like your other groceries delivering startups that take up to 1 to 2 days to deliver your grocery items. 

Co-founders of Zepto, Kaivalya Vohra and Aadit Palicha and

Zepto uses a network of ‘cloud stores’ or micro-warehouses that enables them to bring groceries to your homes in just 10 mins. 

Kaivalya Vohra, while talking to Business Line said, “Simply put, customers love a rapid delivery experience. The data speaks for itself – once we started delivering in 10 minutes, our NPS shot up and has constantly remained at around 85 with a 50%+ Week-on-Week user retention rate, which shows the incredibly strong customer love for our product.”

“Q-Commerce in India is an opportunity of epic proportions and strong unit economics. We’ve been ignoring the noise and executing heads-down for a long time to perfect this model, and our efforts are paying off. Today, we’re consistently growing 200% every single month with an unstoppable team, robust product infrastructure, and deep access to institutional capital,” stated co-founder Aadit Palicha. 

Currently, the company is being managed by successful top leaders from India’s best startups such as Uber, Dream 11, Flipkart, Pepperfry and many more. 

A Few Words By Happy Customers

If you are having a hard time believing that it delivers in 10 mins, do read what the customers have to say about their services. 

Gurwinder, a customer, said, “Impressed with the overall experience. Placed an order on Zepto right after booking a cab. The order arrived faster than the cab!!”

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Another customer Akshat stated, “I no longer have to plan in advance for my groceries. This service helps me order on-the-fly. 10 minute delivery is just insane.” 

“This service is unbelievably fast. And their product assortment is great,” said Ragini. And Aishwarya, who is also a Zepto customer, said, “Thank you for being an absolute saviour. Best app for when you need something INSTANTLY!”

Delivering groceries in just 10 mins!

Everyone is drooling over their instant and fast delivering services which makes it easy for customers to relax and get work done. 

A Look At Their Achievements 

It wasn’t their very first startup. Before Zepto, they tried their hands at other startups too. However, they received huge success from Zepto in a few months itself. Last week, the startup founded by two young-preneurs raised $60 million from investors including Nexus, Y Combinator, Global Founders Capital, as well as angel investors Lachy Groom. 

Post this round, the startup is valued at $225 million’, said the company’s founders. 

Currently, the startup is operating in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Bangalore. It is planning to expand further to Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata in the upcoming days. 

Do check out their startup and get all your daily supplies at your doorsteps in 10 mins!

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Sources: Business Line, Tech Crunch, Zepto 

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