Thanks to my love for old DD TV serials, I have been watching the 47 episodes long ‘Chanakya’ serial which was aired in the 1990s. 

No doubt it is one of the best Hindi serials I have watched. The political concepts and developments depicted in the serial are relevant even today. 

Chanakya is credited for giving new and multidisciplinary meaning to politics. We also have a smart and clever political strategist who can be considered as the reincarnation of Chanakya.

He is none other than our Mota Bhai, Amit Shah. After studying the recent trends in Indian politics, it would be right to honour Amit Shah with the title of the ‘Modern Chanakya’.

Here is why I think so.

What Happened In Maharashtra

Recently, state assembly elections of Maharashtra were conducted and the pre-poll alliance of BJP-Shiv Sena won the election. However, Shiv Sena said that BJP is intending to defraud them by not adhering to the condition on which the alliance was formed.

This condition was to make a leader of Shiv Sena the CM of Maharashtra for 2.5 years.

After this, the alliance broke off and Shiv Sena went to Congress and NCP seeking support to form a government. Meanwhile, Governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari imposed President’s rule in Maharashtra under Article 256 of the Constitution of India.

It was on Saturday that everyone was anticipating a decision on the alliance between Congress-Shiv Sena-NCP. However, at 5:17 AM, Governor Koshiyari suspended President’s rule and at around 8 AM, BJP leader and former Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fadnavis took the oath of CM while NCP leader Ajit Pawar took the oath of Deputy CM.

This not-much-anticipated move by BJP and Ajit Pawar shook Shiv Sena and created a split in the Pawar family.

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What Is The Plan Of Amit Shah?

Media reports suggest that Sharad Pawar and leaders of NCP are trying to please Ajit Pawar so that he comes back and supports Congress-NCP-Shiv Sena alliance.

If media reports are false and there is a bigger conspiracy going on between Pawar family and BJP, BJP is sure to succeed in the floor test. For the sake of public image, the Pawar family will call it a truce and say that they had to surrender to the choice of their young leader to give Maharashtra a stable government.

However, if BJP fails in the floor test, it is a greater win for BJP and when we say BJP, we talk about the victory of their smart strategist Amit Shah.

If BJP fails to form a government and Congress-Shiv Sena-NCP alliance succeeds, it will be short-lived. Apart from ideological differences, it cannot be denied that Congress and NCP will become the kingmakers and will keep Shiv Sena under constant pressure to fulfil their demands. One such demand can be of dividing the 5 years’ tenure of CM into the three parties, which was also suggested by Sharad Pawar today.

If the alliance dies its predicted death, either NCP will come to BJP to form a new alliance or re-election would take place. 

If NCP comes to BJP, it would be on the terms of BJP which isn’t the case presently. At present, the ball is in the court of NCP. However, at a later stage, BJP won’t have to succumb to the wishes of NCP and would also be successful in sabotaging Shiv Sena.

If re-election happens, BJP will take all advantage of the ideological shift made by Shiv Sena. Also, it was the coalition of BJP-Shiv Sena which was voted in power by the public of Maharashtra and alone, Shiv Sena is not likely to get a lot of votes.

In this case, Shiv Sena would remain as a party to cut the votes of NCP and Congress and BJP is likely to get the maximum benefit out of it. 

Amit Shah has played so well that in every situation it is a win for BJP and in every situation, Shiv Sena not only loses its ideological credibility but also its vote-base and political strength.

Super shrewd, Amit Shah!

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Times of India, Economic Times, India Today

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