To spread mindfulness concerning immunization, Jodhpur Municipal Corporation (North) has begun an activity to support individuals by gluing banners stating “This House Is Vaccinated” at houses where individuals have gotten both the doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 


How To Stay Safe

What Is This Initiative?

The first-of-its-sort activity which has been taken by the municipality here sends a positive message among individuals. It is a portrayal of victory and hopes that they won’t get coronavirus after the vaccination dose.

“As per the direction of the Mayor and with the help of the medical team, an initiative has been taken to appreciate those whose entire family has been vaccinated for the coronavirus. We will paste a poster stating that this house is vaccinated under this initiative,” Rohitashva Tomar, Commissioner of North Municipal Corporation told correspondents on Thursday. 

He added that to eliminate the misconception and encourage people about the vaccine, the municipal body in Jodhpur is sending a positive message to society.

Why Is This Initiative Being Performed?

The drive will act as a gesture of gratitude for those who have been vaccinated and recognize their valuable contribution to the country’s fight against COVID-19.

“The purpose of the initiative is to encourage people who have not yet got themselves vaccinated for the virus. Earlier, we used to mark the houses as having Covid-19 positive cases. But this step has a positive approach, I urge people to get themselves vaccinated,” the Commissioner added.

The Poster Outside The Homes

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What Is The Current Situation?

The Mayor of the city, Kunti Deora Parihar, said “Jodhpur is worst affected with corona infection and the immediate solution to this crisis appears to be the vaccine as of now. But still, the people are reluctant about the vaccine, ” 

People putting the poster outside their houses.

Jodhpur Municipal Corporation has organized camps in almost every ward to expedite the vaccination and do away with the need of them going in search of places for vaccination.

 “With this progression, individuals will get motivated to go to the immunization places to get themselves vaccinated. From May 1, individuals over 18 years will be qualified for the antibody.” She said. 

The third period of the COVID-19 vaccination drive in India will start from May 1 and will incorporate those over 18 years.


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Sources: Hindustan Times, NDTV, ANI 

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