“Engineering karke kya chai-wala Banega?” isn’t a joke anymore because these engineers have shown their success by working their way from jobless to successful businesses!

Tea is practically every Indian’s favorite drink since it is more than simply tea; for others, it evokes a range of feelings. There are many who do not want to experiment with the flavor of their tea, but there are also those who like doing so. If you want to try diverse tea flavors, go to the one-of-a-kind tea shop ‘B.Tech Chai’ in Pallimukku, Kollam.

The masterminds behind the shop are Anandu, his classmate Mohammed Shafi, and his brother Shanavas, who graduated from Younus College of Engineering & Technology in 2019. 

From Rags To Riches

These three young guys from Kerala’s Kollam District were among the hundreds of Indian techies who lost their jobs during last year’s shutdown. Anandu and Shafi struggled to keep their employment during the lockdown and the Covid limitations.

Shanavas, who worked at several firms in Dubai and Gujarat following college, too experienced numerous hurdles during these times. 

As a result, they resolved to locate because all three are chai connoisseurs, there was little space for hesitation. So they decided to open a tea store, purchased a cart on wheels, cleaned it up a little, and dubbed their business ‘B.Tech Chai.’

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Seats were built from bamboo, wood, and tires. They too began their business on the side of the road near Pallimukku. They gained confidence as their masala concoction tea captured the hearts of tea lovers. work in their hometown.

Experimenting With Flavours

These three B.Tech grads establish a tea store that serves 50 different teas in a very short time which became an instant hit!

From Aromatic flavors to Ayurvedic botanicals, various chocolates, and lots of nuts, there are numerous flavors to choose from their amazing tea start-up! Every month, they intend to feature one unique tea on the menu. They also provide Malabar snacks prepared by Kudumbashree members.

Despite the unusual and special flavors that they add to tea, a tea at BTech Chai is extremely affordable, starting at Rs 9 and going up to Rs 45 for the most costly tea.

“I wanted to do this for a long time and even had discussed this with Shafi. But since both of us were working it never became a reality. Things changed after the lockdown last year. I lost my job and Shafi was also only getting odd gigs.

Given how bad things have become, we felt that we are going to find a new job in the future. So we started working at the cafe again. At this point Shanavas also joined us,”  Anandu said.

This is not the end! The response they received for B. Tech Chai was phenomenal, they said. Now, they’re planning to make it a brand and add more unique twists to it.

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Sources: India Times; Curly Tales; English Matrubhumi

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