Cryptocurrency is the hot new trend now. Everything seems to have an accompanying crypto coin of its own. But the prospect of investing, following market trends and spending loads of time and energy behind the concept does sound terribly tiring.

Earning money while I am otherwise engaged or well, binging Netflix sounds like a dream and guess what? Cadbury 5-Star is here to fulfill those wildest dreams all of us have entertained at least once in our lives. 

Cadbury 5-Star has launched their first ever digital currency called Nothing-Coin which can be earned by doing absolutely nothing. “The longer you do absolutely nothing, the more Nothing-Coins you mine, and the more you can spend,” a recent Cadbury 5 Star advertisement says.

Along with the enticing cryptocurrency they have also opened up a bank in Nariman Point, Mumbai called Nothing-Coin Bank. You just have to put in a tad bit of effort, walk into a NothingCoin Bank which is like any other bank with its air-conditioned rooms and comfy sofas and then “Do Nothing!”. The more you sit without any action whatsoever, the more you earn. 

Hold your horses, the list of developments is not over yet. NothingCoin Bank has a loan counter too! However, it is not for lending money but you can definitely borrow a bunch of comfy cushions according to your choice to help you in your journey of doing absolutely Nothing whatsoever.

How Does It All Work?

It is extremely simple to work out the Nothing-Coin. You just enter the Nothing-Coin Bank, log into your digital mobile wallet, a microsite that tracks your phone’s inactivity on the basis of which you can earn your Nothing-Coins. You just need to sit without your phone and you will keep earning Coins. 

“You can spend them. We have created a digital 5 Star Mall, where you can buy products with your coins, or exchange them for JioMart vouchers. Other partner tie-ups are also getting closed,” Pratik Shetty, senior manager, Mondelez, said in his LinkedIn post.

However, do not get upset if you do not live near the bank. You can still earn money! Just scan the 5-Star chocolate pack and log into the microsite and it works the same way! Once you have racked up a  fortune with the coins, you can spend them at JioMart which accepts cryptocurrency. 

What Makes The Campaign Appealing?

The target audience interested in this new-age cryptocurrency is the youth. Cadbury checks all the points in being appealing to the young generation. As if being a chocolate company is not enough, they moreover encourage the youth to do absolutely nothing which is the opposite of what their competition has been doing which is to encourage Gen Z and Millennials to go out and work hard.

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5-Star has been very smart in conducting their campaign. Not only did they make an attractive and cool new financial product, but they have also marketed it in such a way that every time someone is in the bank, they will remember Cadbury’s wacky campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director – Marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Gen Z today is in a constant hustle mode list – right from balancing their studies, finding a job, having an active social life to worrying about their investment plans.

We truly feel they deserve some downtime and perhaps a much-needed digital detox. As a brand that has been at the heart of our country’s youth culture through innovative campaigns and quirky narratives, the introduction of NothingCoin is our attempt to inspire them to take a break in the most engaging and rewarding manner.

This campaign reiterates Cadbury 5Star’s brand persona of being witty and speaking in a language that excites the youth.”

The brand’s biggest asset is their communication with the youth. They observed India’s young generation and created a campaign that speaks directly to them.

They took into account how busy the college-goers and first-time job seekers are and created a product that will reward them by letting them earn in the best way possible for straying away from the stresses of life for a few precious hours to enjoy some downtime. 

What Can Be Expected In The Future?

Till now, the NothingCoin campaign sounds extremely promising. The digital support has been huge and people are blown away with Cadbury’s first-of-its-kind launch.

Despite experiencing a backlash to their previous ‘Do Nothing’ campaign, Cadbury has re-invented their initial vision and has taken into account what their audience actually wants which seems to be working in their favour.

India has the highest number of crypto investors in the world as 100 million people have invested in the new financial sector. The country has good potential for the crypto market to boom and Cadbury’s 5-star is making a fun early entry into the space.

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Sources: BusinessInsider, HindustanTimes, AdGully +more

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