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Things Students Do After Passing Out & Before Getting A College


By Shivansh Gupta

The bell for admission process in various colleges and universities across the country has been rung.


This is a time for registrations and counseling. It is a dormant period where you can do nothing but eagerly wait, which consists of mixed feelings as you don’t know which college you will land up into. Here are the things that you may go under:

1. The feeling of ineffectiveness:

Till class 12th you have your school that kept you busy, but as soon as you finish taking up your board exams you are left CV with 2-3 months to do whatever you have planned to do, then as days go you will feel that you have nothing to do except your parents getting all grumpy about your waking up late in the mornings or being busy throughout the day with your desktop or mobile. It feels as if you are an unemployed adult.

2. Intensive research on the internet:

Days will be largely occupied with finding your colleges available at your rank or board marks on the internet with adjacent tabs of social networking sites. From Kanyakumari to Jammu, you will left no stone unturned, checking out each and every college and their various aspects from college facilities to their annual placements, but you will end up getting your mind clogged with too many doubts and fear.

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3. Dealing with comparisons:

Sharma Ji and his ward will never hesitate to brainwash your parent, of which the outcome will be a rain of arrows of comparisons projected at you. Whether it is for marks or the probable colleges you can get, the Sharmas will always be ahead of you.

4. Anxiety:

There will be many thoughts that will cross your minds about the hostels, or ragging or leaving your hometown, etc. The fear of the unknown is normal and it is what that makes it exciting.

5. The so-called College impression:

You will be thinking about your college life just like those that are shown in Karan Johar’s movies but I’m sorry to tell you that it is way different from that. So it is best to not make any images beforehand and enter with a free and open mind.

6. Ray of hope:

There is also some positivity as you are waiting for freedom that you get after college to finally complete your notorious fantasies of getting drunk or magically getting a boy/girlfriend.

But after this period filled with uncertainties, you will enter your college life which also will bring with it nervousness but it’s completely natural and normal to feel like a nervous wreck.

Here’s something you may not have thought about: no matter how together everyone else may seem, it’s a new experience for them, too! In other words, you aren’t alone.

So be yourself, be confident, and prepare for a fantastic college journey.

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