So, the summer is here and it is time to say goodbye to school days and say hello to college. June-July is around the corner and DU is ready to accept admissions. All the newbies are going to enroll in colleges and take the new label of freshers.

I remember the time when I was a fresher and now 11 months later, I feel like I have been here forever. Time flies and there are few things I wish I knew when I was a fresher.

When you still have that energy and new spirit which makes you excited for college there are things that you might miss. College is a fun time and holds a very special moment in your life. So, while all the fun is on, don’t miss out on the important things.

Without further ado let’s count down things that might slip during your freshmen time.

  • There Is A Micro Degree That You Can Get

Along with your core subject, you can also get a degree for your general elective subject. If you select the same subject for GE for the first 4 semesters then you can get a micro degree for it when you graduate along with the course subject you are pursuing.

  • Never Lose The Pink Slip

You will get a pink slip during admission and if you too have the habit of being careless and losing stuff then keep this PINK SLIP in a safe locket. The slip can be of any colour according to your college criteria, but the purpose of it is very important.

It is first used as your id card to enter the college but then when you get your laminated plastic card then this slip is used for getting your admit card during examination. So, never lose it!

  • Make Your Own Societies

For first few weeks of college many reps from various societies will ask you to join societies of your choice but what if your college doesn’t have any society of your liking or interest? YOU MAKE ‘EM.

You can make a society by taking permission from your principal and from the support of your student community and people who are interested in the same area.

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  • Make The Best Of Internship Cells

Internships are a great start to prepare you for jobs and get work experience. Internship cells connect you with companies and jobs that look for undergrad students and employ for various kinds of internships like summer ones, work from home etc.

Join internship cell and even if you don’t then you should keep an eye on all the internships that are offered around you.

  • Student’s Bank Account

Lots of banks encourage students to open student accounts and it comes with a lot of perks. If you already have one then you should convert it into student one and reap the benefits.

College time will pass in a jiffy so it is important to make the best of it and have fun while trying new things and be productive.

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