Most of us have now crossed the 20-age mark and some of us are midway too. Here’s a list of things which an individual should try to do or make sure to do when in 20s because maybe it will be a little late after that.

Yes, there are quotes everywhere saying it is okay to start your career at 40 and be successful at 50, etc. But how many such stories do we hear? Only a handful, to be honest. It is not fair for us to suddenly take Jeff Bezos’ example, or Steve Jobs’ example because these aren’t common success stories.

What’s more practical is to look at stories from common people, mass success. And studies will mostly show you, age 22 to 28 is usually the time when, if a person tries to build themselves, pays off better, than those who start too late.

Build Your Network

Every business and every opportunity have now become human centric. If you know how to socialize, if you know how to network, you will have a lot of opportunities at your feet at all times.

This is not only true when you’ve already entered the professional space, but this holds true even in college days.

Manage Your Money

Most of the middle-class millennials have seen one very common problem at their house – finance. Due to poor planning and lack of savings, fights erupt very often in households. On top of that, we are seeing prices increasing like pollution. This is all the more reason for us to start saving early in life.

All the beer and parties every weekend can wait a little, if you want a better financial situation 10 years later too. Also, very importantly – do not stock up debt.

Develop Marketable Skills

Your degree mostly has no value now, if you don’t have any skills to compliment it. The market is now shifting very prominently towards a skill-based one. If you are a computer science graduate, you might not get a job. But if you can develop Java programs, you are sure to find work, at least freelance.

Focus On Fitness

My uncle is almost 60 and is fitter than most of his colleagues, only because he focused on his health when he was young. He was a sportsperson and only dined on junk very occasionally.

All the oil, spice and sugar that we’re consuming now, is surely going to affect us in future. Hitting the gym won’t hurt, will only give you more confidence now with a good shape, and a healthy life for the future too.

Find Your Area Of Expertise

This goes hand in hand with developing marketable skills. You cannot market a skill unless you’re an expert in it, because millions others have the same skill. Once you find your niche and gain experience in it with freelance work, there is no limit to how much one can earn through that skill, and how much the niche can be commercialized.

This is definitely not a set list of things one should do before they turn 30, but with study and experience of close family and friends, this list has been made. Hope you find your balance and cheers for the exciting new year!

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Sources: Huffpost, Business Insider, Entrepreneur

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