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These 5 Inspiring Talks Will Give You An Insight Into Women Like Nothing Else


I have to be honest when I say that, talks generally bore me and manage to lose my interest pretty quickly. However, I would also point out that just like anything, there are a couple of exceptions, which have not just managed to capture my attention but also create a deep and significant impression on me.

Watching the TED talk by Gazal Dhaliwal, where she talked about her inspiring journey from being who she was born as to who she ultimately wanted to be and how she found out about people’s expectations of women on how to behave, talk and conduct themselves, really made an impact on me.

Listening to her passionate and frankly even a bit amusing talk, prompted me to go on an online inspiring talks binge and I found some pretty amazing little gems.

Here are the 5 most inspiring talks that you all need to tune into now:

1. Meera Vijayann- Find Your Voice Against Gender Violence

After winning the CNN IBN Citizen Journalist Award in 2013, for her reporting on the Delhi rape case, Vijayann, is now using digital media to combat sexual violence.

The point in this talk that struck me was that Vijayann agrees that though talking about such taboo topics might be difficult, however that does not mean we just sweep them all under a rug.

It is only when we speak about them, create a discussion that we can hope to bring about any change.

2. Poonam Shroti: Talks About Living With Brittle Bone Disease, And Being Unstoppable

Founder of the Uddip Welfare Society, I came across her talk on SheThePeople.TV about having to live with a brittle bone disease because of which her height has only reached till over 2 feet.

But even after having to struggle and work thrice as hard as any normal person, Shroti did not let anything stop her, and is perhaps the perfect example of the fact that ‘disability is just a state of mind’.

If you set your sights on something, then there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be getting it.

You can find the full interview on She The People.

3. Manal al-Sharif: A Saudi Woman Who Dared To Drive

Saudi Arabia is not exactly known for being the most woman friendly places, what with a number of restrictions and limitations that the law there puts on them.

But this empowering and very realistic TED talk by Manal al-Sharif will bring into perspective many things for you.

4. Future Is Female with Mallika Dua, Sapna Bhavnani & Kanika Tekriwal

I, being a big fan of Mallika Dua and extremely interested in the scenario of female comedians in India stumbled upon this blog by She The People, and this fantastic panel.

And what more, I also became aware of Sapna Bhavani and Kanika Tekriwal both of whom have had a hard and difficult life, yet it has anything but stopped them.

Sapna is the owner of MadOrWot; a hairsaloon and the person behind Dhoni’s iconic hairdo. Kanika, on the other hand, is a cancer survivor and runs an aviation-tech company. Seriously, any woman in the aviation business instantly becomes an inspiration for me. Watch it for yourself…

5. Anitafrika- We Women Are Warriors

Now this, I do believe I saved the best for the last. The entire video, I was unable to take my eyes away. Be it the hypnotic music that Anitafrika was creating, her use of dub poetry or the horrifying story that she was narrating with such realism, it almost felt as if I was right there. Talking about topics like HIV and childhood sexual abuse, this is one talk you don’t want to miss out on.

Let us know about some inspiring talks that you have come across and what you found best about them. Comment away!

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