In this country, today, if you support one half of a particular topic, you automatically are considered as against the other half. There is absolutely no freedom of choice – it seems like a democracy but it is highly controlled by politics.

Let me avoid stories and be more clear. I am a Hindu, but I am afraid to say it out loud because I fear being misunderstood as anti-Islamic. 

The entire concept of secularism is flawed here. It is more about Hindutva than Hinduism, which incentivises religious extremism. 

What Is The Main Difference?

Religion in India has been drastically affected by colonization, secularization, modernity and interaction with global entities due to which our own way of traditions and beliefs is irretrievably lost.

The truth is, politicians and strategists have always attempted to hijack faith for their own ends, and sadly have been able to succeed to a large extent.

The Hinduism that my mother and other family members have taught me never had an extreme note to it. For me, it is a religion of experience and faith, rather than fundamentals – having no one founder nor an organized temple.

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What Is Actually Happening?

Now, clearly, BJP propagates Hindutva ideology which is a more extreme way of supporting one religion and calling it superior. Look at the kind of things it has done.

Mob lynching, anti-Muslim sentiments, Brahmin-idealization, etc. have become a sight that one can see on a daily basis. Allahabad’s name was changed to Prayagraj to make it a more Hindu name, and now Hyderabad’s name is next in line to be changed to Bhagyanagar! 

So, the main difference between Hinduism and Hindutva is that the right-wing politicians who are Hindus, use the religion and the faith of people in it for their own political agendas, which is probably the easiest way to persuade the common man.

That is Hindutva. 

How Do I Keep Myself Away From Hindutva?

Unfortunately, Hinduism is a part of Hindutva. The people protesting and carrying out violence in the name of religion belong to that religion itself. It is almost impossible to keep yourself away from Hindutva.

MP, Shashi Tharoor told Hindustan Times, “Hindutva has nothing to do with Hinduism as a faith or religion, but rather as a badge of cultural identity and an instrument of political mobilisation,” and there could be nothing more true.

It is not about BJP or some other political party – there will always be someone carrying out the dirty work. It is about realizing that the religion that you claim adherence to, should not be the only aspect of your identity. There’s a lot more to a human being.

You didn’t have the choice to be born in a specific religion. But at least you have the choice not to hate another one, or call your religion the superior one.

Education is supposed to teach us this. But our history books have an inclination more to one religion and hence, we will never be able to appreciate other religions as much.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, The Print, Feminism In India

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