Watch: Annoying Things To Leave Behind In 2021

Let's stop these things already!

This year was the most unusual, unexpected, annoying, and frustrating one for most of us. The significant credit goes to COVID-19, of course, but that wasn’t just all.

We saw a global pandemic, we lived through the financial, mental, physical, and social stresses caused by it.

We witnessed our country changing, we took part in protests, we saw new social trends, we saw our loved ones suffering, we witnessed the global climate getting worse, we lived through the bad and hoped for the better.

When all of these things were going on, we passionately tried to make it better for us everyday. Be it by spending hours on a new TV show or crying or learning new recipes, creating new art, or organizing and reorganizing our living space, we somehow adjusted to the world of physical distancing amid other ongoing crises.

After almost nine months of cursing 2020, we are finally bidding it goodbye.

Even though 2021 won’t magically solve all the problems but with a little effort, we can all take a step forward towards making it slightly more agreeable.

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2020 was a weird roller coaster ride for us, a lot happened, we learned new lessons and tried to unlearn some old things still prevalent to create a better world— so here is a list of annoying things that we should leave behind in 2021 for a positive year ahead.

We can’t do much about the greater issues but the world will be slightly better off if we leave these things behind, no kidding.

Here’s to hoping for a positive year with less toxicity and hate-mongering and preferably better Instagram reels…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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