Watch: 7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Japan At Least Once

You might just want to stay there forever!

In the year 2012, I visited Japan as a student ambassador with a group of other student ambassadors under the South and East Asia Youth Exchange Program.

I had been learning Japanese in school for over 6 years by the time I got the chance to visit the land of the rising sun. Believe me, if I had the chance, I’d have never come back.

It is funny how we Indians have a habit of seeing unclean roads, and the roads of Japan were so squeaky clean that they made us a little uncomfortable.

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Since then, I’ve always urged my friends and even every new person that I meet, to visit Japan at least once in their lifetime. Here’s a list of reasons why:

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself enjoying sushi in the beautiful city of Tokyo very soon. Till you can travel again, prepare a list of what all you want to do in Japan. Trust me, there will be a million of those!

Is there any other country that made you fall in love with it in one visit? Share with us in the comments below.

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