The entrepreneurs of “Wetradedaily” Chiranjeevi and Ishwar are opening new ways for financial learners to promise rewarding careers in the Stock Market with Virtual University of Finance (VUF).

We all are living in the age of technology, gone are the days when one bread-earner was enough to feed the family of many people following traditional earning methods. This revolutionized era demands up- to-date knowledge with financial management skills for respectful survival.

Nobody can better understand the importance of financial education than the initiators of “Wetradedaily” while establishing the network of more than 65 thousand financial learners, they have faced numerous challenges, failures, and uprisings.

These self-made struggling youngsters convicted that they will do something to support all those financial geniuses who want to grow but they get frustrated shortly when they achieve no results in the early phase of their struggle, so their vision of the Virtual University of Finance rightly clicked and revolutionized the world of trading in India and even growing more day by day.

Chiranjeevi Anand started his career with a wage of only 1500/- as a Video Editor and he became the pioneer of an emergent trading platform that is now going to get global acknowledgment. Ishwar, on the other hand, began his career as a website builder during his school doing days and later he continued to earn name in finance world with his partner Chiranjeevi in establishing a leading trading Community.

I was earning a handsome amount from Westygo with international clients paying us in dollars but that wasn’t what I dreamed of, it could help to make us rich but did not satisfy our passion to help! So we started ‘Wetradedaily’ in 2020 intending to spread financial literacy, says Chiranjeevi, The Founder of “Wetradedaily”

The purpose of introducing the Virtual University of Finance, VUF is to provide students with a virtual campus where they don’t need to follow a typical institutional code of conduct to complete their financial learning. The mentors Chiranjeevi and Ishwar, help learners make smart choices in stock markets. As they both have undergone the same challenges, they rightly understand the possible difficulties of trading. The offered courses of VUF empower students to exercise informed financial choices. Without an understanding and control over the financial resources, regardless of how meager they are, without financial literacy, their business future can be directed. This leading platform offers students to socialize with each other to share their visions, networks, and interests.

The educational platform we offer is going to be the best financial literacy content provider in India with a virtual campus kind of environment on discord platform, a true crypto believer Ishwar acclaims 

The passionate duo is still making their way to do something out of the box, giving the finance trading world new interesting dimensions. They are going to launch their own crypto token WTDC soon. The main motive of launching this cryptocurrency is to provide students with a competitive trading platform where they will allow to transfer values using their own cryptocurrency. The crypto token WTDC is offering financial flexibility enabling users to earn, socialize, and easily access many ongoing interactive opportunities. These young entrepreneurs firmly believe that financial learning promises a glorious future. The speedy dispersion of blockchain technology is going to take charge of the financial world and soon cryptocurrencies will become mainstream.

Chiranjeevi and Ishwar are excitedly putting up their efforts to enhance financial literacy not only in India but also in getting appreciation from the global market under the banner of Wetradedaily. 



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