December 06: In a world that thrives on digital media, fashion has become an instant language for people. It speaks a thousand words without uttering a single sentence. With the advent of social media, fashion has found a new dimension. It is no longer restricted to runways or expensive designer stores. One such fashion and Fitness expert, Noori Ali, has used digital media platforms to break conventional ideas about fashion and help people re-discover themselves in front of the mirror. 

In a special conversation with BHN News, Noori Ali says fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear. It is a way to be re-born every day as a new person. I don’t like to be judged for it. Noori Ali says that she loves to explore different sides of fashion as long as she is happy and confident when she sees her reflection in the mirror. It has nothing to do with brands or designer clothes.

“Fashion blogging remains one of the best decisions of my life to date. I was a little skeptical in the beginning about my career in blogging since initially, it wasn’t that big, and there were very few bloggers, but I stuck to it with passion,” Noori Ali added.

When asked how she tackled the naysayers along the way, Noori Ali maintains that she didn’t need to. She says – “I just focused on my own vision. There were people mocking me for what I was doing along the way, and it used to hurt me as well, but with time, you just tend to develop a thick skin.”

In the past couple of years, social media has witnessed a rise in bloggers and content creators. Be it capturing the essence of a luxury lifestyle or simply handheld footage of cooking a large amount of food in a village; there is something for everyone. Well, Trends may come and go, but “confidence is that one thing which will never go out of fashion,” concludes Noori Ali.

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