December 06: The Covid-19 pandemic has been a nightmare no one in the world had ever dreamt of. But, we should be grateful to the One Almighty God for giving us some really great people, who are now called Covid-19 warriors as they selflessly helped others in these difficult times.  Doctors and other members of the medical fraternity have been at the forefront of the war against Covid-19. This is because they provided self-sacrificing and innovative services during the pandemic and thus became the leading Covid-19 warriors.  The least we can do in return is to appreciate workers of the healthcare industry for the admirable services they rendered to humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic.  One such inspiring person is Clinical Trial Expert Dr. Mangesh Khadakban, who is currently conducting clinical trials on the pandemic.

Leading publisher of the press release, Times Applaud, has felicitated Dr. Mangesh, for his noble acts since the pandemic started. Dr. Mangesh Khadakban has rightly been bestowed with Times Applaud’s  Covid-19 warrior award for the selfless and innovative services he rendered during the pandemic.

The lockdown was imposed in India during March 2020, soon after Covid-19 hit the country and other parts of the world. Dr. Mangesh gave priority to the safety of the people after the lockdown started in Maharashtra on or around March 25, 2020. During that period of time, the dreadful disease was spreading fast in the cities. But the manpower in every municipal hospital was very low, and the government was trying hard to curb the pandemic. This prompted Dr. Mangesh to provide an innovative service by developing a link where the live status of every patient could be notified through a server or app.  This link was developed to curb the immediate spread of Covid-19. 

Dr. Mangesh had planned this type of survey in the Panvel Municipal Corporation. There were a large number of Covid-19 positive patients and Dr. Mangesh, along with nurses and doctors of Panvel Municipal corporation, personally went to every society to spread knowledge about the link. People updated their personal information along with their daily symptoms in these links, which helped to easily track the corona virus patients. This significantly assisted the medical fraternity employed in the government’s health-care facilities, where it was hard to identify the Covid-19 patients. This helped to easily quarantine the patients after they were identified and the medicines were given quickly to them. 

Panvel Municipal Commissioner- Ganesh Deshmukh, Ass. Commissioner Sanjay Shinde, and Doctor Incharge Dr. Vidya Shirsagar were monitoring the dashboard centrally. Ganesh Deshmukh and Sanjay Shinde also helped spread knowledge about the link through social communication.   

The link was developed by Mr. Kapil Jain, while Dr. Prithviraj Erande looked after the survey activities. Vaishali Joshi and Chaitali Shinde, who are both nurses, rapidly managed the link activity survey during which data was collected and the Covid-19 patients were easily identified even in societies housing a large population.  Dr. Mangesh played a key role in this technological development to combat the pandemic.

Besides this, when the second wave reached India, Dr.Mangesh associated with various hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. He managed emergency beds and made oxygen available for these patients. Dr. Mangesh coordinated with various hospitals in different regions like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane to arrange beds for the Covid-19 patients, which was a noble act. Dr. Mangesh also helped the patients to get admitted to the nearest hospitals and arranged quick medical support for their treatment.

As the fulfilling of the basic need for food became a major concern during the lockdown, Dr. Mangesh participated in the supply of food to the poor and needy at different Covid-19 centers. He also imparted information to people about Covid-19, as knowledge is key to tackle the toughest problems. Dr. Mangesh also showed them how they should take care of themselves and their families during the pandemic through quarantine and other necessary measures.

In his work life too Dr. Mangesh took a commendable decision, when he chose clinical research as his career.  Clinical research is all about improving lives of people by coming up with treatments of those severe diseases which had no cure earlier. People who choose clinical research as they career will change the lives of many people as their efforts may help in bringing an end to the miseries of a patient.

Dr. Mangesh Khadakban has an experience of 12 years in the global clinical research industry and is a seasoned result-oriented executive with strong credentials and experience in managing large teams of clinical operations. Dr. Mangesh has extensive hands-on experience in clinical operations, medical writing, regulatory areas, pharmacovigilance, fiscal management, business development and people management.

We wish Dr. Mangesh the very best in his future endeavors and hope that he continues to provide selfless and innovative services to mankind beyond the pandemic.



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