There are certain speeches that are just to spot on, that manage to hit some very difficult mindsets so perfectly it truly leaves us in awe. For that matter, celebrities and such public personalities often give speeches, but only a few of them really manage to hit home for many of us.

Something of the sort happened with British actor and presenter Joe Tracini when he gave a speech during a carol concert.

For the speech, even amidst the cheery atmosphere of Christmas he chose the still stigmatized topic of mental health as a topic and managed to speak in quite a touching and honest manner that quickly was loved by many people.

What Did Joe Tracini Talk About?

On December 24th, Joe Tracini posted a 3 minute clip of a speech that he gave at a carol concert.

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During the speech he said “We start every chat by asking how you are. But we ask this not because we care, but because we are British.” Emphasizing the lack of tact that people have about the public acknowledgement of sadness, he further added, “The problem with using ‘how are you?’ as a form of manners is that we don’t know what to do with an answer if it is anything more than ‘good, you?’”.

People really related to his words and spread it around like wildfire.

Tracini is known to have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and is often involved in work regarding raising awareness around mental health and his complicated disorder. He’s even written a memoir Ten Things I Hate About Me that talks about how it is to live with BPD.

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