Mental health has become a top priority for everyone, especially amidst this pandemic. Whether the person is a free-spirited and fun-loving enthusiast or a quiet and secretive individual, maintaining their mental health was one of the most difficult tasks.

The lockdown has deprived us of friendships, relationships, and the chance to go outdoors to meet new people in order to find happiness in social novelty. But there is a spark of hope! The first-ever mental health café was opened in Mohali, Punjab, for those in need, giving services that typical cafes do not provide! Let us learn more about it.

The One-Stop Destination for Mental Health Issues

A 21-year-old Canadian Indian Graduate, Angel D’Souza opened up this Mental Health Cafe ‘Your Sugar Daddy’ on Wednesday with the motto of offering therapy to the ones in need. 

“People can come here, talk about their mental health issues, and take part in the various therapies offered here. It is also a pet-friendly cafe, anyone can come to eat, laugh, and heal here”, said Angel in an interview. 

Angel stated that the concept for the café occurred to her during Covid-19, when she was doing her online psychology degree at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. She stated that she didn’t have much to do and that everyone around her was equally ignorant.

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on many people’s physical and emotional well-being. She then considered opening a café where she could make people smile with the goodness of food, games, and activities. Young D’Souza and her parents contributed to the production of Your Sugar Daddy.

Therapies Offered Here

To improve the atmosphere of consumers, the entrepreneur intends to use mindfulness, music, and art as treatments in the café. 

There will also be a ‘Puppy Therapy,’ in which 4-5 individuals are offered a slew of pups to play with at a predetermined time period. Mindfulness practices will be used in art therapy to uplift the mood of the people who register there. Apart from food for thought, the café will also tantalize your taste buds with cuisines such as Indian, Italian, and Mexican.

“We will have a different cuisine every day and while the food is getting ready, we will ask our guests for permission to play cognitive games with them. We will also nudge them to interact with other customers if they feel comfortable enough”, said the founder. 

Angel, a skilled baker, promises to spice up the menu with pizzas in a variety of forms, as well as a mix of Korean and Italian food.

Finally, she concludes with a message “If you are struggling with mental health issues, please come here. The cafe will try to create a non-judgmental environment for people to meet and share their personal stories.”

What are your thoughts on a mental health café chain which grows around the country and provides mental health services? Let us know with the comment section below.

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