December 31: A special day coming up or a wedding to attend? A convocation to host or minor alterations to fit? A filthy carpet or a careful detergent drill?

Any qualms related to the hygiene, cleanliness, or apprehensions about your laundry are all resolved and catered to by German Laundry. You name it they deal with it. 

Their 10-th anniversary embarks on the journey commenced from a small flagship store in Mahim in 2010. As Tushar Raul & Tejeswini Raul, the visionary founders of German Laundry states–they identified the right market at Mumbai in 2010 when there was an absolute scarcity of premium laundry services. The team underwent training in Europe for laundry management and imported machinery from Germany and Italy. They developed in house washing techniques and solutions and developed the use of appropriate chemicals, detergents, dryers to suit Indian Conditions.

Spread at 14 locations in the city, including areas like Pali Hill, Mahim, Altamont Road, Walkeshwar, German Laundry, has seized the opportunity in the marketplace and build an entire pyramid of success around it. The customer response was overwhelming and gave them a boost and nudge to crave and aim for more. They are now planning to expand and strengthen their presence in the city by adding more stores as well as organising pick up and drop from customer’s homes from the unrepresented area. They aim to deliver crisp, refined, and cleaner laundry with add on services of darning, fabric fragrance, restoring leather bags and accessories, cleaning of home furnishing items like curtains and carpets as well as cleaning and disinfecting of soft toys. Quality is the key to their success, and thus their commendable services are targeted around sustainable, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial dry-cleaning that provide the desired outcome. 

A renowned, established, and dignified laundry service spreading its charm through its own stores as well as through franchise operations. The motto of the franchise is to provide proficiency within the desired time and offer the finest services that go beyond the idea of branding. 

In today’s ever transitioning time, fashion has overpowered the market, and everyone desires to be stylish, trendy, and be perceived as ‘cool’. The purchase of luxury clothing has amplified; however that scenario then also requires safeguarding of the quality cleaning of cloth. That’s what German Laundry attacks at- retention of quality and texture of clothing, offering the finest experience of clothing services to its customers.

During their experimentations and ideations, they have successfully accomplished the laundering of over 2.3 million garments to date. Be it steam press, dry cleaning, laundry, starching, darning, express service, they have got it all covered with nothing but sheer perfection and efficiency. They are conscious of the kind of fabric they are dealing with, along with special treatment parameters for different products. The team is highly competent, diligent in their actions, and works round the clock to get well-trained and offer the finest results. They have a thorough understanding of clothing materials, embroidery, patterns, and embellishments. With such exponential progression over the period, they have won the hearts of the premium celebrity clientele from the field of Films, Business and Sports. With an extensive utilization of advanced hydrocarbon, high-end imported pieces of machinery, ultrasonic stain removal bands, they have established themselves as the leading dry-cleaning service in Mumbai. 

With the principle of “Think Big. Don’t hesitate to start small” Tushar Raul strengthened the pillars of the company and brand-imaging in humbleness, confidence, humility, and passion. His accomplishment is more of an expression of happiness in hard work than just about success altogether. With his children, Mrs Tanvi Bhadkamkar & Mr. Amber Raul taking active management of the business, they have created a benchmark in the industry and challenged their own inhibitions. 

They have been recognized with several awards such as:

Midday iconic celebrity dry cleaning brand award, 

Skoch summit awards- silver prize in top 100 SMEs in India, 

Skoch highest order award for top 2 projects in India, 

Navbharat SME business excellence award for their outstanding services as an acknowledgment of their growth and success in the domain. 



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