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The opening of the P2P exchange NeuronEx will form the basis for the development of a new global financial network


Tallinn, Estonia – The financial blockchain platform NeuronChain has officially launched the NeuronEx P2P exchange as of August 1, 2020. The creation of the NeuronEx decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange is one of the most significant steps towards building a new global financial network.

Over the past few years, NeuronChain has been actively working to create services that would become an alternative to traditional banking services, and that would provide unlimited access to financial services from anywhere in the world.

As part of NeuronChain, NeuronEx is an essential link in the scalable, decentralized, peer-to-peer network. It allows users to conduct legal cryptocurrency transactions in full compliance with local regulatory requirements.

“We believe that everyone should have full control over their capital and be free to make their own choices. Trade should be free from intermediaries, prohibitions, and boundaries. If we want this to become our reality, the financial system has to be based on revolutionary financial technology. By developing NeuronChain, we are laying a foundation that is based on transaction speed and decentralization, as well as a high level of accessibility and security” says Maksim Beskorovainyi”, a co-founder of NeuronChain and a Chief Blockchain Architect.

The NeuronEx P2P exchange operates based on its own 4th generation blockchain with a data processing speed of more than 100,000 transactions per second. Thanks to NeuronChain technology, each user has the opportunity to form their own vision of the decentralized financial services they need. Any partner organization, whether a B2B, B2C, or an applicant bank, has the opportunity to provide its customers with banking services which include traditional and cryptocurrency transactions. To simplify the implementation of B2B solutions, NeuronChain has developed a reliable and free API for integration with any existing payment systems.

The NeuronEx exchange has a number of unique characteristics that make this platform safe and easy to use. NeuronEx has managed to combine The P2P market and the exchange service on one platform making it possible to cover the entire spectrum users’ financial needs. This P2P exchange also allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly and securely from anywhere in the world using the payment methods of your choice. The system accepts over 200 types of payments, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, cash, e-currencies, and checks. The wide functionality is combined with a convenient interface, which simplifies cryptocurrency operations, making the conversion process intuitive. Finally, an important feature of the service is the NeuronEx Live Support. Each user of the exchange can be sure that they will receive any necessary assistance in a 24/7 format.

In addition, the NeuronEx exchange offers free storage and exchange of any digital assets. This is possible with the introduction of a convenient and secure crypto wallet – Neuron Wallet. This wallet allows you to make multi-currency transactions, store and transfer digital assets, make transactions with cryptocurrencies, track statistics on the movement of your funds, and get statistical data on your crypto portfolio. The integration with the NeuronEx exchange allows users to sell and buy cryptocurrencies through the internal Neuron Wallet interface.

One of the significant issues that NeuronChain solves is the cross-border payments. At the moment, the niche of intercontinental payments is vacant; it is complicated and expensive to send money outside the regional banking systems. The creation of a global network based on the Synapse Protocol technology will provide access to almost 10 times cheaper and faster cross-border payments to everyone even who is not yet exposed to the banking services. Moreover, based on NeuronChain dCard technology, the company plans to let customers connect their crypto-fiat payment cards to the Neuron Wallet. Thus, the users will be able to spend cryptocurrency as easily as funds from regular credit or debit cards.

Creating an attractive platform for professional users became essential to ensure efficient and profitable cryptocurrency trading. At NeuronEx exchange, traders can set a floating rate of orders and, additionally, set a cut-off rate, at which orders will be automatically removed from the main page. This allows you to quickly and accurately control your orders with high market volatility. In addition, due to access to the NeuronChain blockchain, traders have the opportunity to halve the commission rates when paying with NRON tokens. Thus, due to high liquidity, technological advancement, and flexible commission policy, NeuronEx has become one of the best platforms for both one-time and professional cryptocurrency trading.

The NeuronEx affiliate program deserves special attention since it allows users to build a profitable business by inviting friends, partners, and followers to trade on the exchange. The affiliates receive $5 for each referral whose trading volume is more than $200 in the first month after registration and 50% of all commission payments thereafter, without any restrictions on the amount and time.

The creation of the NeuronEx P2P exchange was planned and executed by a team of specialists from the NeuronChain group with ten years of experience in traditional finance, banking, and financial product development. Thanks to the efforts of this highly motivated team, a completely secure and innovative service was created. The security level of the platform was confirmed by the license for the provision of financial services № FVT000032.

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