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BRT World’s Best DeFi Project Global online


Currently, the combined application of blockchain + finance has become one of the largest login application scenarios in the world. The BRT exchange, founded by the British Beilette Foundation, has attracted global media attention.

The platform currency BRT of Batu Exchange supports the storage and custody of all valuable digital assets and physical assets. The self-developed six-dimensional Merck tree algorithm combines PoW principles and concealment technology to support the construction of anonymous transaction nodes that can store various assets, cross-chain exchanges, Defi, decentralized applications, etc., and all transactions are hidden and cannot be queried, Support high-frequency trading applications.

The Beilette Foundation was co-founded by Gerald and Sierra. Sierra served as the CEO of the global Batu public chain. The Beilette Foundation has close cooperation with major blockchain associations in Korea, the United States, Singapore and Japan. Reached a strategic advisory agreement with Mr. Kim Taifeng of South Korea. The Beilette Foundation launched DEFI in 18 years and has been making lasting breakthroughs for its powerful technological revolution. BRT will become the most DEFI public chain project, Quantitative robots, contracts, and jointly create the world’s best DEFI digital currency ecosystem.

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