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The opening of the 2nd NAFI Nanjing International Art Season and Nanjing International Art Fair was a compete success


On November 26, 2020, the NAFI2020 Nanjing International Art Season and Nanjing International Art Fair, co-sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and executed by Nanjing Shizhuzhai Art Investment Co., Ltd., have be held in No. 4 Hall of the International Expo Center at 10 am and officially opened at 5 pm of that day, which also means that the parocheth of NAFI Nanjing International Art Season has been pulled open.

In recent years, Nanjing’s literary and artistic work has insisted on taking the people as their center and constantly giving the attributes of people to art. Thus, the art is no longer limited to grand buildings or elegant halls, spreading all every corners of the city, which makes art be easily approachable and accessible. “Art empowers the city, and literature and art are a part of life” has become people’s understanding and pursuit of urban art. 

The Nanjing International Art Season and Nanjing International Art Fair have been adhering to this concept. This year’s Art Season has gathered a variety of image arts, inviting more than 40 domestic and foreign galleries and art museums to participate in the exhibition. For the first time, it has launched 2 special programs and 2 special projects and the exhibits have included images, installations, paintings and fashion productions, which have fully presented the current development trend of contemporary art, and the overall structure and present situation have achieved an “iteration” upgrading compared to that of last year.

The first session of the opening ceremony was that, Carmen Fontes, Spanish Consul in Shanghai, made a wonderful speech on behalf of the guest of honor. In the speech, she not only particularly introduced Spanish culture and Spanish artists, but also appreciated the China-Spain friendship and cultural exchanges. Peng Yongyi, director of Changqing Gallery, made a speech as a representative of the gallery. Swiss collector Uri Schick, an important international propagandist of contemporary Chinese Art, made a speech for the opening ceremony. After that, the guest of honor jointly cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony and took a group photo.

Swiss collector Uri Schick, an important international propagandist of contemporary Chinese Art, said that under the background of the global epidemic, many European and American galleries have made large-scale layoffs, which has made art institutions face with great pressure of existence. Under such an environment, the organization of such a large-scale contemporary art event in Nanjing was undoubtedly a boost to the art industry.

The second part of the opening ceremony was a special event of NAFI Nanjing International Art Fair-NAFI Show of Advanced Customization: A Fashion Expression of Artistic Context.

LIU CHAO, as the only Chinese designer who released the latest series works in Paris Advanced Customization Fashion Week and Paris Ready-to-wear Fashion Week, firstly showed his works, together with the works of seven official designers of Paris International Advanced Customization Fashion Week, in China, which attempted to explore the possibility of art from multiple aspects and dimensions.

As for Nanjing, this fashion show has presented most of avant-garde and cutting-edge art works and design works, so that everyone was able to see the artistic power of Nanjing, giving the city more cultural and artistic connotations. .

The last part of the opening ceremony was the Spanish buffet reception “Meet Spain”. Here, the audience tasted the delicious food and drank wine from Spain while discussing the wonderful moments of the opening ceremony.

As for this year’s art season, we have also improved the art-friendly section and dozens of art institutions in the city have jointly launched various special exhibitions of art and many preferential activities of art, which has aimed to extend the art influence from the exhibition halls to more places in the city, and approached to millions of citizens, so that every Nanjing citizen could have the opportunity to participate in it. In addition, it has been guided by “serving the people, benefiting the people, making people happy, and educating the people” and fully implemented the aim of “holding the high-end, benefiting the people and empowering the whole city”.

NAFI has built a Nanjing art exchange and trading platform with a reform, innovation, and open attitude, having added adequate and systematic service for related industries and talents. Here, it could efficiently provide solutions for comprehensive Free Tax, import and export, warehousing, and financing of artworks; it could also focus on providing artists with various policies to support their creation and constantly promoting the healthy development of urban art. We sincerely welcomed artists, critics, collectors and various art institutions from all over the world to Nanjing and sought common development together with us.

As a profound urban gene of Nanjing, art has nurtured the unique temperament of this city for thousands of years. There was a variety of works from many artists in Jinling, and large numbers of outstanding people come forward with world-famous art. They were either born in Nanjing or grew up in Nanjing. They “lived in Nanjing and loved Nanjing”, making Nanjing’s artistic power always maintained the forefront role of the times.

It was worth mentioning that, due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, this year’s Nanjing International Art Fair has set up five goods and materials platforms for epidemic prevention and control on the exhibition site, which has provided visitors with free face masks, liquid soap, alcohol wipes, and alcohol antibacterial liquids to escort everyone, making sure that people can enjoy this exhibition.

Originated from art, the art of Spain and Nanjing are moving forward in the art palace; Originated from art, Nanjing is striving to achieve a leap in the process of accelerated running.

NAFI plans to strive to build an international art fair platform, broaden the dimensions of the connection between the masses and art, making contributions to the “Nanjing Power” for promoting the sublimation of urban art, with the artistic concept of opening up and innovation.

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