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The Journey Of Tomorrow With Aryan Shrivastav!


“I still remember, in childhood, when my friends used to think of superheroes & superpowers, I wanted to be a king, who would live for others and be kind to everyone.
Since then, there has been a change in my thinking that now I want to be a companion, not a king so that I can hold someone’s hand like a friend without being superior for anyone.”

Meet Aryan Shrivastav, Founder and CEO of Bond Media. He started his journey in the end of 2016 and today he is a successful entrepreneur. He had an interest in marketing since childhood and following his family, he started his own business at the age of 21.
Where people focus more on government jobs in Bihar, he has discovered his horizons from there and explores the uncharted territory that was going to change the entire digital era.

Aryan told us that he believes a lot of luck. When he was studying, he heard about influencer marketing from one of his coaching friends. being a visionary, he never wanted a job from 9 to 6, so he started exploring this field.
At the beginning of his search, he understood the importance of this field after 5 years from that time. that click cleared his way of thinking and he did what he had to do next. He started his research, left the study of his government job and started to study for digital marketing, took help from friends, attended events and he started his work.

When he first started, he suffered in his first project but he did not give up and continued his work diligently.

From then, he has a client base of some of the most popular brands and Bollywood celebs. Even now, he is handling their social profiles in many ways, all with positive reviews. Today he has achieved success in his company and he never saw defeat as a failure, but has learned from it so that he can grow further and be better.

He believes that no matter how bad your time is, if you love your work and think of others, then no one can bring you down. There should be perseverance in business and when you feel that it is getting worse, it does not mean that you stop working. Take some time, understand what is going wrong, focus on yourself and come back stronger.

He is a strong believer and he thinks that there are no limitations of learning, we learn something new every day and it does not take hard work to learn.
Some learn from their failure and some from others. we just need concentration so that what we have learned is not forgotten. In future when his company will grow further, he still wants to be a leader rather than a boss. He does not want to rule but wants to guide others like a leader for a better India.

He told us that he is a devotee of Shri Krishna and wants to follow his teachings in life. For business, he considers Philip Kotler as his idol and always focuses on his instructions. Whenever he has time, he still studies online marketing so that he can learn more and improve himself.

I have a moto in my life, never try to be perfect, be better every day. Try to win by yourself each day, instead of racing with others because, in the end, you are your only contestant. This kind of mentality shows that in today’s time, success can be not just money but also thought, with the impeccable dedication that takes the human being forward. This is a fascinating journey of an extraordinary mind and a gentle heart.

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