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Beit El Zaytoun Offers Food For The Soul And An Ambiance That Is Unmatched!


Beit El Zaytoun, or “House of Olives” is located in West London, and serves traditional Lebanese cuisine. Founded in 2016 by Lebanese entrepreneur Ayman Assi, Beit El Zaytoun aims to provide the most authentic Mediterranean experience and pays tribute to Assi’s Middle Eastern Heritage.

There is no restaurant like Beit El Zaytoun in London, claims Ayman Assi. He says that hospitality, community, and friendship are the main concepts that they try to focus on. Once you walk in the door, you will feel at home. The ambiance will warm your heart, and the food will soothe your soul. With each dish being made to order, it is impossible to serve anything less than fresh and warm at Beit El Zaytoun.

One of the most important features of this restaurant is the menu that it has. The vast variety of food that Beit El Zaytoun offers is truly unmatched. They have two menus: a normal one, and a healthy one! The healthy one is prepared by a professional nutritionist. Additionally, they have a wide variety of authentic sweet dishes also!

Beit El Zaytoun is the biggest Lebanese restaurant in London and seats around three hundred people at once. These include influencers and celebrities from all over the world. It has also raving reviews on Zomato, Trip Advisor, as well as Youtube! Many refer to it as one of the most picturesque restaurants, thanks to its extremely well-curated interior, as well as its impressive exterior. Some describe the food they have at Beit El Zaytoun as some of the best they have ever had!

Customers can decide whether they want to sit indoors, or enjoy a view of the canal with their food – they can also indulge in shisha in the outdoor lounge. There is also Mediterranean music playing, which really sets the mood.

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