Follow your PASSION. It will lead you towards your PURPOSE. – Oprah Winfrey

November 08: The Beginning

I am Smita Mahajan, I was born and brought up in a normal family, along with my 2 younger sisters. Everything was moving normally until my mom fell ill one day. Just a few days before my mom’s demise, she called me and shared life lessons with me. Sharing those learnings from my mom with you:

  1. Never leave your education for any reason.
  2. Never trust a man blindly, be it anyone. Always believe in yourself and your abilities and be


These 2 life lessons were always there with me as a memory after she was no more.

Milestones in the Journey

Lesson 2 from my mom helped me build a Pvt Ltd Company with a beautiful vision of helping women grow personally and professionally through our platform.

Lesson 1 from my mom gave birth to ExtraordiNAARI WEdyalaya™, a Business Execution University for Women to take that much-needed first step towards financial independence and helped manifest many dreams under this umbrella.

Every challenging time brings a new change in our lives to help us evolve into a better version than before. With the break of the global pandemic, this evolution phase came for us too. We gratefully accepted this change and became bigger and better in our work with a new identity of VAMITA Ventures Pvt Ltd. One can see VAMITA as a trustworthy friend for her business (ExtraordiNAARI WEdyalaya™) and daily household needs (Rozana MiTrra).

VAMITA is revolutionizing the concept of entrepreneurship and education with its uniquely designed verticals by identifying the real challenges and addressing the main pain points in entrepreneurship. To know more about our powerful ecosystem, do visit

ExtraordiNAARI Education

Life lesson 1 from my Mom mentioned above gave birth to WEdyalaya™ in 2019, and Mother Nature helped us evolve WEdyalaya™ as an Edu-tech platform.

The name ‘ExtraordiNAARI WEdyalaya™’ has a deep-rooted emotional meaning. The branding of WEdyalaya™ is very thoughtfully designed by me. The WE in WEdyalaya™ stands for the power of the ecosystem, and WE also stand for ‘Women Entrepreneurs’.

Our Vision here is to represent the power and strength of all the like-minded Women Entrepreneurs coming together to bring the desired change in society.

WE are working on this VISION through our 3 E’s

EDUCATE- Education is the most important aspect of success. The power to learn, unlearn and relearn makes one educated in a real sense.

EMPOWER – The WEdyalaya way of education- Learn along with experience-based knowledge brings the true empowerment

EVOLVE – We train to accept and embrace the change from within and bring a positive evolution for everyone

To become a part of our learning community as a participant or Guru

 Rozana MiTrra

Life lesson 2 from my Mom gave birth to Rozana MiTrra in 2021 as an eCommerce platform during the current global pandemic. I have created a platform to provide support to bring strength to the Farmer’s and Women-owned businesses.

To know become a part of our eCommerce Platform as a consumer or merchant

The Conclusion

As a life and business coach, I have touched 8000+ lives of women in these 4 years, and I aim to help local businesses of India, coming from women, reach the Global Market.


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