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The GYLC 2020 By TBH Circle Taught Students How To Become A Leader And Conquer Their Daily Struggles



During this pandemic we have been under stress worrying about our careers, looking for Jobs & pondering what should be done next.

According to the India Skills Report 2020, 54% of the graduates are not fit for employment. This creates a huge gap between reality and expectations and puts a huge amount of pressure on both the students and their parents.

Hence, to create a circle of harmony for the youth & parents, Mr. Vikram Kukreja (Master Trainer & Founder TBH Circle) with the support of 26 international volunteers who are a part of the TBH Youth Community orchestrated the Global Young Leaders Conclave 2020 (GYLC 2020) on the theme CRAFTing Leaders for Tomorrow.

The event was held on the 18th, 21st and 22nd of November & witnessed 150+ international participants from countries like Germany, Italy, India, Bangladesh with 14+ handpicked Speakers.

It is with great pride & honor to say that the speakers comprised from Forbes Under 30 & Global Heads of Fortune 500 Companies.

GYLC 2020

Exclusive of GYLC2020

150+  Attendees 60+    Hours of Networking
13+    Sessions 15+    Elevator Pitches
120+   Break Out Zone 14+    Handpicked Speakers


This was an endeavor to create a shared platform to connect ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ & ‘Leaders of Today’, where students could network, learn and own their CRAFT: CREATIVITY, RESILIENCE, AGILITY, FOCUS and TRUST to meet the challenges of the unpredictable and the dynamic changing business environment.

Team TBH Circle works across three pillars, Imparting Practical Knowledge, Learning with Global Leaders and Building Soft Skills, on which the GYLC 2020 was also focused.

To ensure high engagement for students during the conclave, the TBH Circle team had focused on Gamification Methodology during the entire event.

The event kicked off on the 18th of Nov 2020 with Master Class on Storytelling – The New Presentation Style by Mr. Vikram Kukreja, Master Trainer & Founder TBH Circle. This Master Class became the show-stopper of the GYLC 2020.

This day consisted of something for everyone, not to mention for the entrepreneurs with MasterClass – Entrepreneurship 101 by Mr. Karan Mehta, Sales & Customer Experience Expert. The whole session was filled with knowledge and exciting activities for the participants.

The adrenaline rush from the Kick off Day did not even settle down and there came the Global Speakers Day to impart the dopamine rush for the participants. Keynote Speaker Mr. Sachin Gaur set the right tone by keeping the foundation of the CRAFT for the students with activities and Q&A sessions.

The conclave got electrified with Activities & Brain Hacks from Mr. Avinash Tiku, International Speaker – The Art of Living. One of the required skills during these unprecedented times is to be resilient.

Therefore, to highlight the strategies came the awaited panel discussion with Mr. Amrinder Sethi (Business Lead, Africa, Diversey), Prof. Cornelia Scott (Head of Department of Economics, HS Anhalt) and Prof. Ing. Markus Holz (Former CEO, ALD Vacuum).

As said by the famous orchestra conductor Gustavo Dudamel “A conductor is nothing without an orchestra” so it becomes vital to take leadership lessons from a musician.

TBH Circle invited none other than the international French flutist Ms. Hélène Boulègue, who steered the event in a creative dimension altogether.

When all were ready to be agile there came some practical based case studies from Mr. Karthikeyan S, Sr. Vice President, Bloom Hotels, on agility along with business hacks.

The day did not stop here, Mr. Gaurav Marwaha Global Offer Manager, Schneider Electric explored an amazing area with the Fusion of Marketing & Human Resources on Creating Self Value Proposition to get hired in the international market.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an indispensable part of leadership. And to educate the youth on CSR with her extensive experience on the Cacao Project as a Founder, Ms. Louise Emmanuelle Mabulo, Forbes Under 30 & Young Champion of the Earth United Nations Environment Programme, discussed the need for CSR in today’s world.

The day came to a conclusion with positive vibes from Ms. Neeraj Sharma Head Estate Management, Airport Operations, GMR enlightening students on Business Ethics & Value starting with an interesting activity.

To spark leadership skills during the conclave, the Global Participants were divided into diverse teams of Five, who pitched their innovative ideas on problem statements in front of a jury on 22nd Nov 2020 (The Pitching Day).

Onboard was Mr. Shiv Sharma, VP International, Stockwits, Mr. Satish Kumar, Former Assistant Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan & Vikram Kukreja, Master Trainer & Founder TBH Circle.

One of the best things about the whole event was that it was from the comfort of everyone’s home.

The event witnessed students from prestigious institutions such as Delhi University, top business schools & hotel management institutions also.

At TBH and GYLC, students learned how to solve their issues, how to manage their professional and personal life and most importantly, how to become a leader and conquer their daily struggles.

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