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                          THE ARC OF INTERVENTION        

Dissidence.Conflagration.traduce.Belligerence.Conflict.Deficit,are just few of the words that can describe the current global scenario,diplomacy,international relations,peaceful settlement,jurisprudence are some of the words that are loosely used to come up with solutions for problems currently plaguing our world.

As the newbie on this blog, I’ll tailor most of my articles addressing the global perspective on various issues and what my take is on each of them, Today i’ll start with something simple and keep it absolutely simple,i’ll be writing on what Kofi Annan,former secretary general of the UN calls the ‘ARC OF INTERVENTION’.

What is an Intervention?What leads to an Intervention? When does it happen? Who are party to it? are certain questions which pop up now and then,there are always instances of interventions in XYZ state,what is elementary to understanding an act of intervention is that there are always “built-up”factors which pressurize parties into an intervention,another important fact is,usually it is undertaken by a third party

A classic example would be of UNOSOM I,II and and UNITAF all these are basically UN security council mandated interventions into conflict-ridden Somalia,which has seen its share of bloodshed due to the Al-Shabaab,these programs paved way for humanitarian aid to the people of Somalia.

If you analyze the reasons for this particular action,its easy to conclude,political instability,terrorism,absence of leadership were the factors which led to this particular US led intervention.

At present the benefits can be seen in the setting up of a Transitional Federal Government in the absence of a central government.

It is important to iterate that one on hand,through this example it can be easily concluded that an intervention always reaps benefit to the host nation,it may not be safe to say it can always be so,a failed attempt,can not only threaten international relations but will have a damaging effect on the entire global community.

I’ll leave you all with this to ponder upon,until next time so Global perspective 101 comes to an end with this,you can call it a period :)

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