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The 4th Whatashort Independent International Film Festival Is Unique In Allowing Filmmakers To Directly With The Audience And Share Their Vision



Whatashort Independent International Film Festival is the brain-child of Mr. Ravie Solanky who founded Whatashort in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize the short film industry in India.

From bringing amazing short films from different parts of the world under the common umbrella of Whatashort TV to building a community for short filmmakers and from imparting knowledge via workshops to staging out vibrant fests – Mr. Solanky is leaving no stone unturned to fulfill that dream.

WIIFF is the only film festival which provides a chance to filmmakers to interact directly with the audience and share the idea, story or journey behind their film.

Last year filmmakers from different parts of India and even from Sri Lanka, Iran and Germany got chance to experience the rush of interacting with the audience and getting a firsthand feedback about their work.

This year, the Whatashort Independent International Film Festival 2018 (WIIFF 2018) is being held between 13th and 15th July 2018 at Instituto Cervantes, 48 Hanuman Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

WIIFF 2018 focuses on women-oriented content to promote gender equality and women empowerment. This year participants from more than 30 different countries have submitted some of their best work.

Selected films, exclusive to the fest, will be screened during this three-day event. Additionally, WIIFF features panel discussions, cultural performances and talks making the festival a complete cultural package.

Some of the eminent guests include well-known theater artist and activist Shilpi Marwaha, Founder of ED Times Juhi Garg, popular voice artists Saurabh Singhal, members of the famous YouTube channel The Timeliners among others.

The Whatashort team has collaborated this time, with the creative community of The Social House to bring the best of art and cinema to the national capital. The Social House in an online community of 200K + subscribers, who create, share and cherish art.

ED is proud to be their Blog Partner. 

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