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Can We Get Some Yummy Potato Chips That Don’t Make Me Fat?


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Alright, so I am not one for counting calories or how much fat does a certain food item has. And for the most part, to be completely honest, many of the things that do boast of being high in nutritional value or take a more healthy turn, usually end up losing their taste.

I never really thought that I would willingly eat a so called ‘healthier version’ of potato chips and in all frankness most of the time it just feels like lies to me.

However, these TERRA chips that I have had the joy of consuming, well they might just bring me around to eating chips in a whole new way.

Ok, so for those of you, who are probably really confused and wondering what am I talking about, then TERRA Chips is a company that is specifically geared towards creating completely authentic vegetable chips made from real ingredients instead of just potato and salt.

And I am talking like exotic ingredients like Parsnips, Sweet Potato, Yuca, Taro, Batata and more. Furthermore, they are not just names put there for the exotic look, instead what you pay is exactly what you get.

I have observed this gradual shift in the lifestyle of the urban population and the realisation that one must eat healthy. This need of the people to move away from the fatty and oily junk food but reluctance to give up the act of snacking, has pushed many organisations to bring out changes in their product such as low-fat, baked and not fried and gluten-free.

Thus I don’t think I am talking without any reason when I say healthy snacking has got lifestyle relevance today.

That is why I wanted to do a LivED it of what these TERRA Chips are, how they taste and whether I was impressed by them or not.



Getting Started:

So I tried 3 of their flavours, in order to get the full experience and not miss out on anything.

1. Original:

Now the original has a wide assortment of flavours, such as Batata, Parsnips, Sweet Potato, Taro and Yuca. Now I had never really heard of Taro or Yuca before so was interested to try them out.


2. Mediterranean:

Pretty similar to the Original in terms of ingredients but with just a slight twist of herbs and lemon added to it. Apart from that, there is beet root juice added to the chips which give them a very beautiful reddish colour.



3. TERRA Blues:

Now this was one of the chips that I was most excited to try out simply because of their unusual colour and rare ingredient of naturally blue potato.


The TERRA Experience:

Wrapped in clearly expensive black packet, you have to give them full props for the packaging. It leaves you with a sense of quality and is quite good to look at.

The best part was also the fact that the packets are extremely easy to open and oh my god… lack the endless amount of air in place of actual product.

And if you are feeling extra fancy, you can almost feel like you are having a gourmet snack. Yup, it’s that good.

Coming to the texture and colour well, both are pretty good. Ok, wait, let me explain, it is like you can feel that this is not something common or mass produced.

The texture of each chip and I do mean each chip is different as according to its ingredient. Where the blue potato chips had a soft crunch to them with a nutty flavour, the taro were crunchy and my favourite out of them all. The Yuca had a slightly hard texture to them and the sweet potato and parsnips had their usual flavour.



One good thing I liked about these chips was the different look to each chip, as in their rich colours varied as according to their ingredient. Which I felt only added to the gourmet snacking experience.

Coming on to the last point which would be the flavour, hmmm… ok, so they definitely did not have the regular potato chips flavour. You could taste the sea salt very clearly as it added just a hint of tempering to the chip without overwhelming your entire mouth with salt.

And as for the flavours of the different vegetables, I believe they were pretty successful in hitting most of them on point.

I truly felt like taking that packet with me and roaming around in the very fields from which each of these vegetables had been picked out of.



LivED It Scorecard:

Upon tasting from each of the different flavours and comparing them all, I would like to conclude that these chips are for sure not something you will find every day.

They are unique and different, not just expensive, but sort of in the way that you genuinely get what you pay for.

TERRA Chips definitely seem to have a lot of positives in their bag, and although one might be intimidated by the fancy names and all, I don’t think there is any need to be.


The one thing which I feel could be a problem is that these chips while a healthier option and the work put in them shows, might be overlooked by the masses.

At the same time, I also find it refreshing that TERRA Chips are not trying to fool anyone. They have laid out everything on the table and are honest about the fact that these are gourmet snacks.

In the end, I would say that I was pretty satisfied by what I found and my mouth did not curse me afterwards.


Concept 4.5
Flavour, Texture and Colour 4
Packaging 4


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