Let’s check which Indian authors kept their readers up on toes, engaging till the last leaf of the book. 

Enta Habibi by Reetwika Banerjee

‘Enta Habibi’ is an Arabic phrase which means “You are my love”. The book comprises of 5 cinematic love stories, depicted by five rings of colours. The storylines are so apt for a spicy web-series! Reetwika proposed an innovative Love-Palette Connection Theory, where she creatively associated five tints (namely Blue, Red, Black, Grey and Pink) with five vibrant genres of romanticism (Emerging Love, Failure in Love, Betrayal in Love, Immoral Love and Sweet & Sour Love). Each form of romance is attributed to the respective hue’s distinct attributes. The amount of research in scene-setting and related shades of romance makes it a masterpiece. Flip through the pages to savour a bubbling love ride. It’s indeed a treat for movie makers and readers alike, keeping us glued till the climax of each love story. 

The Soul Stirrings by Dr. Sonia Batra

It’s Dr. Batra’s debut solo-authored book. The proficient poet has expressed her poetic feelings under four broad sections – Narcissism, Depression, Redemption and Love. Captivating style of her poesy is bound to stir the soul. It’s so heartening to see a book that touches our hearts so effortlessly.  

One Is To Thousand by Shireen Sultana

Shireen, one of Kolkata’s youngest novelists, is a prodigious author ahead of age. The book’s title denotes every single unit of strength which can fight against thousand orthodox norms. It is based on the cultural apparatus of Human Rights in India today and unravels discourses of victimhood, oppression and suffering.

The Little Secrets to Big Joy by Alakananda Pramanik

It’s a collection of inspiring anekdotes and quotes by Master Storyteller, Alakananda Pramanik which talks about different emotions like compassion, empathy, loyalty, patience & unconditional love. Quite an engaging title, one can finish in one go. Important aspects of life, like self-care, mental, emotional and spiritual strengths form the key theme. 

‘Happimess’ by Biswajit Banerji

Renowned corporate and humourist Mr. Banerji presents his readers with a collection of sarcastic, hard-hitting tales in this book. Daily life characters make the stories relatable. In the gloomy time we all are passing through it is a must read to get back to the habit of smiling.  

Potpourri by Urvashi Tandon

It’s a collection of illustrated stories aimed for children, aimed at increasing their environmental awareness. If we want a better society, it is vital that we make children, the building blocks of our society, more aware of the problems. When compared to adults who are used to a fast-paced life, their kids are more amenable to suggestions and change; and the results are evident.

Shalom Namaste by NS Ravi

Average Indians on the street are perplexed about industrialists obtaining hefty loan from banks. And instead of repaying, they choose to flee from the country. Many Indians have become infamous by joining this brigade. Author wrote a fictional title on this theme where he narrates how a special taskforce brought missing fugitives back under Indian trial.

‘Shivshakti’ by Anita Rajani

It’s an excellent read that narrates the ideology of masculine and feminine energies in the universe and how they exist together in our life. The book is centered on how inner balance leads to outer balance. The readers are kept enthralled throughout the book. Divine conversations take readers right to Kailasa, lifting up the souls to a higher dimension.

Paradise At My Shore by Sarmistha Mukherjee

A book of emotion and amalgamation of thoughts, it invites readers to think about life, love, spiritualism and nature. Attractive titles of each narrative demand special mention. Recommended to be read at leisure, the book depicts free-style expression which is simple and elegant. The book is supported by poet’s illustrations. Easy to read, it is a compilation of memories written from the heart. 

Golden Wings by Srijoy Mitra

Curious about the mind of a high school freshman who gained everything, lost it all, strove to get it back and even more? Understand the process of a young person who stepped out of his comfort zone. Being successful doesn’t always mean freedom with moral order. How a relationship between this elite child and a slightly older female from the forbidden zone transforms a person’s life is the crux of this novel.

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