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TEDxJMC 2021 Is All Set For Its Very First Virtual Talk With Speakers From Various Walks Of Life



“Daring, bold and systems-disrupting change requires big dreams and an even bigger vision.” 

To keep up with the zeal and vibrancy, the team at TEDxJMC is consciously making efforts to reach out across various spectrums and illuminate the spark within all of us.

So even when COVID-19 forced events to shut down, JMC’s public speaking conference turned to cloud computing to keep the important ideas flowing. Hence the team stands ready to take on their third conference with its very first virtual talk with an amazing line-up of speakers from various walks of life.

The conference is all set to happen on 27th February 2021, from 10 am-4 pm, with 10 great speakers, 1 vivacious host, and 3 most mind-boggling performances.

To promote the spread of hope and positivity, the theme for this year’s talk is Focus/Unfocus; which would magnify and set into perspective the things that need to be positively energized and help discover new meanings and realities.

It encapsulates the spirit of perception, with different notions for each person, it can mean anything and everything! With the theme, they set to discover new meanings, explore new realities, readjust rigid definitions, and open minds to a world of possibilities.

There is power in accumulating knowledge, but the real magic of conferences is in the people.

TEDxJMC will be hosting several inspirational and renowned speakers like Ridhima Pandey, a 13-year-old climate change activist who is passionate about conserving the environment, Brinda Sharma, a traveler whose love for exploration and blogging never ceases to inspire those who witness her life, Akansha Deo Sharma, the only Indian Designer at Ikea who brings an Indian touch to the Swedish company’s products, Ragini Tandan, the renowned and awe-inspiring singer behind the top hits in the world of music.

The conference will also be graced by the presence of visionary entrepreneurs and founders like Nikhil Taneja, who is the co-founder and CEO of ‘Yuvaa’, Suhani Jalota, the benevolent founder and CEO of ‘Myna Mahila Foundation’, Prerna Kohli, the Founder of ‘Mind Tribe’, Diipa Khosla, a renowned influencer who is also the co-founder of NGO ‘Post for Change’, Ankur Warikoo, Indian Internet Entrepreneur and an exemplary digital educator and last but not the least, the Michelin Star chef and restaurateur Vikas Khanna.

The conference will be hosted by the illustrious and witty Instagram star, Shreyas Mendiratta followed by breathtaking and spectacular performances by Naman Khanna, a magician, Birraj Singh Taneja, a pianist, and their very own Echo JMC, the Western music and acapella society of JMC.

So join them to witness this enriching and unparalleled experience virtually on the 27th of February, 2021. The team at TEDxJMC looks forward to spreading hope, love, and light in these uncertain times through these awe-inspiring and innovative talks.

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