It seems it doesn’t take a lot for things to go viral these days. There was a time when only a select few things could reach that stage and that too with a lot of help.

However, these days the most obscure and bizarre things can go viral in a matter of minutes because of a multitude of reasons. It might be that the topic is relatable to many people, is so weird it makes people share it on their social media and start a chain, or is just downright hilarious that makes people laugh out loud.

The recent street fight that occurred in an Uttar Pradesh (UP) region has certainly got to be on one of the latter ones where it’s both a bit on the strange side and also hilarious in parts.

While initially reported under crime news, the news eventually saw a shift in the audience engaging with it and more people started to focus on several different things in the video.

What Happened?

The fight that happened in the Baghpat district of UP saw around a dozen men engaged in a pretty messy street fight.

These men had rods and sticks with men from both sides attacking each other and pushing each other onto the road or on the various eatery stalls that were stationed in the market area.

The video of this fight instantly went viral on social media and eventually, the police stepped in, arresting around eight people.

As per reports, the police said the fight was about customers and how both sides were trying to attract more of them.

MS Rawat, circle officer (Baraut) said that, “Vendors at two chaat shops clashed over the issue of attracting customers. We have received complaints and eight people from both sides have been arrested. There is no law and order situation.” 

This instantly led to various reactions to the fight, but most peculiarly it was how many people focused on one man’s hair.

The hair and its bizarre style was even termed by some as ‘Einstein’ or ‘Shahnaz Husain’ hair with many getting a good laugh out of the absolutely ridiculous nature of it.



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Some people even had a video editing bot put Bollywood or Indian fight music over the fight taken from various movies creating a hilarious result.

This one has the music from the cult film Gunda.

This one has the song Naakka Mukka from the Tamil movie “Kaadhalil Vizhunthen”.

This edit had the song Bhaag DK Bose from the Bollywood film Delhi Belly.


A viral street fight, an uncle with some serious high-fashion hairstyle, and more seems like a recipe for a Bollywood movie.

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Sources: Times of IndiaNews18, Twitter

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