There was a time in our school days when we were all kids and we discussed with our friends which car we would buy after becoming rich. This stayed for a long time, and then something happened to the world.

Technology went ahead so fast, that now, instead of dreaming about cars, we now think of having a lot of Ola money and Zomato Gold.

Where are those days when we drove out ourselves and hung out with friends near a food joint that was popular in the locality?

I remember going to Baba Nagpal Corner to eat wonderful chhole bhature, at least twice a month. Now, if I have the craving to eat chhole bhature, Zomato brings it to my doorstep.

The Couch Potato Era

How many times in the past few weeks have you been to a movie – as in, get ready, travel to a good theatre nearby and watch a movie on the big screen? People with Netflix subscriptions and Amazon Prime subscriptions can watch thousands of movies sitting on their sofa.

Obviously, the best partner of a movie on a couch is snacks. Most people don’t dare to start a Netflix movie without chips or a can of their favourite drink. This is the reason about 135 million people in India alone are obese.

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Taking Away Ambition

Recently, Maruti Suzuki Chairman spoke of youngsters liking shared rides rather than buying their own cars. He spoke with regards to the decline of sales in the automobile industry, but this got me thinking. Today, you will find very few people willing to work hard to be able to buy their own vehicle.

Everyone has Ola/Uber to help them.

In a conversation with an HR recently, I was asked if I would have personal goals at a workplace. Without a doubt, I will make goals for my own development apart from the usual office work.

But the HR told me that the same is not the case with most office employees. The days of personal goals at workplace are long gone. Employees would rather spend time watching live sports, planning their TV series list for the entire week or spend time on social media.

Take Inshorts for example. It is a brilliant app that gives you news as cards of 60 words and if you feel like, you can read the entire article. We’ve become so lazy due to high end technology available at our fingertips, that we are not even spending 5 minutes in a day to read the newspaper.

Our tests have become so highly computerized that we might soon even forget how to write. Children in schools now learn about experiments through technologies like augmented reality (AR), rather than performing that particular experiment in real life and observing.

The Need To Limit Technology In Our Daily Lives

A person, on an average, scrolls newsfeed on a social media app equivalent to the length of Statue of Liberty on a daily basis. We keep looking at our phones every other minute. In that much time, we could read a new book, learn a few new words, try a new skill.

Technology is taking over our brains like an unstoppable cancer. A limit is necessary, or we will absolutely leave our ambitions behind, and run in an endless rat race alongside technology.

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Sources: Livemint, Life Hack

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