Inthehan Ho Gayi Intezaar Ki, Aiyanaa Kuch Khabar Mere Order Ki” are the lyrics that play in my head as I wait for my order to arrive bringing with it delicious hot food.

Hot coffee with tracking music

It seems that Swiggy shares this sentiment and knows very well what its customers feel at all the stages of the ordering process.

Their ‘Pareshani‘ as they browse through the various menus, the eagerness of the customers that’s expressed beautifully through these words “Aaoge Jab Tum O Sajana, Aangna Phool Khilange,” and how we almost jump-up and dance to this song “Sajan Ji Ghar Aaya” when our food is finally delivered.

Swiggy’s hilarious Instagram posts
Swiggy and Instagram music
Scrolling through menus

Joining The New Trend Of Instagram Music Launch

Bollywood music is every Indian’s jam so it comes as no surprise that people were pleased by the launch of Instagram Music in India on September 17. The social butterflies now have a new feature to obsess over. The music sticker allows the users to add melody to their stories in the updated version of the app.

Instagram music comes to India

People were quick to hop on this bandwagon and business corporations have never been shy to join in the trend so it makes sense why Swiggy made 9 posts to celebrate this new feature.

After looking at their post all I can think about are more songs that could relate to food. An old favorite that comes to mind is “Chocolate, Lime Juice, Ice-cream, Toffeian” with Madhuri Dixit dancing with jars full of candies.

Madhuri Dixit‘s food song

Hilarious Social Media strategy

Swiggy has always been good at marketing and making their presence felt. They have built a name for themselves on social media platforms. Swiggy has 153k Instagram followers, 132k YouTube subscribers, and 95.2k Twitter followers.

Their marketing team posts regularly and engages with its customers. They have previously carried out various campaigns such as “eat your veggies” which made some people finally try zucchini, “second to mom” to cure the homesickness and “earn your cheat meal”.

So, this post based on a Instagram music may further their progress on the popularity front. The post has over 25k likes currently.

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Audience Reactions

Relating sound, order and track the post has received a positive reaction from the people who were impressed by Swiggy’s marketing team. The topmost comment on the post even recommending a salary increase for the advertising group.

Even The Song “Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye” from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Was Used Smartly

Another person joked about greeting the Swiggy delivery man with a “Pooja Thali” while blasting “Sajan Ji Ghar Aye”.

Some even claimed the post to be the best usage of Instagram music.

The creativity and song selection was appreciated by the commentators.

Others joined in on the joke and requested Swiggy to add “Barsega Sawan Jhoom Jhoom Ke” for when there is surge pricing.

The “Mere Gully Mein” song accompanying the delivery executive had me rolling.

Song “Mere Gully Mein” from Gully Boy

Knowing Their Demographics

Swiggy’s major customer base is 18-25 year olds. Millennials with uncontrollable hunger, college-students wanting to escape the horror that is hostel food, and people like me who once burnt Maggi are its targeted audience and lighthearted posts like these are exactly what the millennials like to share.

The joking manner of the post resonates with our feelings very well and gives us a sense of acknowledgment. The impatience of our generation is portrayed brilliantly in the post.

“Koi Mil Gaya” is definitely what I think as my order is picked up.

Song “Koi Mil Gaya” from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Setting Themselves Apart

The food delivery industry is growing in India. Swiggy was launched back in 2014 and now faces competition from other apps like UberEats, FoodPanda, Faasos, Zomato etc. Even Google started its own delivery service named ‘Areo’.

But Swiggy’s biggest rival remains Zomato. Zomato launched their original web-content on 18th September so Swiggy needed to up their social media game so as to not get overshadowed by Zomato’s venture.

Combining food and music

Music Makes The Wait Easier

I think they should follow this up by adding music in their app that would play while the customers track their orders. I could certainly use a distraction from my grumbling stomach.

It may also help retain more customers as they groove and tap their fingers on the phone. And who knows the music therapy might help calm the disgruntled customers and they might not hulk out at the poor delivery man if the order is messed up.

Khwaboon Ke Pariney” and “Phir Se Ud Chala” can instill tranquility in anyone so there is a good chance of success here.

Swiggy Food

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho, Gungunane Ki Wajah Tum Ho” is what I think about my food and this amusing post. Internet too had its “Dil Chori” by it.

Did you enjoy Swiggy’s hilarious post?

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